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Katie Martynowicz
Gimsøysand, Norway
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Bio: I am an avid hiker and ridge walker, living above the Arctic Circle on an island on an archipelago in the Norwegian Sea.
Holly Weidman
Virginia • ENFJ
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Bio: ☕ Tea-drinker. 🖋️Pen fanatic. 📚Reader. 📙Forever Learner. ☑️Goal-setter. 🤔Thinker. 🐔Chicken farmer. 👩‍❤️‍👨Wife. 👩Mom. ✝️Christian.
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Gregory Brassil
Freelance Copywriter, specializing in email, looking to 'move up the ranks' by creating Ronin deals. Hope to meet some cool people in this group...

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Joined Jul 14, 2022
Minneapolis, MN
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