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Just my thoughts this morning
The start of your journey Being and staying conscious at the start of your journey can determine the outcome of your desires or the creation of your purpose. Once you have decided on the path of say freedom, peace, ease, and prosperity, in all aspects of your life, consciousness is the key, awareness of your thoughts and actions should be your priority for progress, and then trusting the process. I have a book that is titled the fork in the road. And that starts from the moment you open your eyes in the morning? A fork in the road Do I get straight up and take action on the direction I have chosen, or do I lay in bed and relax. Once you have chosen which road to follow And you have gotten out of bed, being conscious of your next fork in the road Am I following my positive affirmations my morning routine, and listening, and or listening to my intuition ,or am I in default mode just drifting through the morning process ? Fork in the road number three, am I conscious of the next step am I aware of my vibrational output? Am I in flow and gratitude and heading in the direction of creating, and then receiving from the law of attraction or am I, have I slipped into my default mode, and attracting more of what I don’t want, or what I have always been receiving. Becoming aware and conscious of your thoughts, and actions will only take enough time until you are in the vibrational escrow of the vortex you have chosen . or done a reprogram with Troy. This is only a starting point to keep us all on the path we so desire. And so becomes our new subconscious program. Sometimes our intuition takes us down the fork in the road to teach us and guide us. Enjoy that process also. remember to then stop thinking and let it the natural part of you flow. Love and enjoy the game of life. It’s all yours. The fork in the road.
5 Tibetan rites
I know we all like the 5 Tibetan rites, here is a great description from an old school presenter that I have come across. I hope you enjoy.
What if we did a 3 day Empowerment challenge each week?
I'm trying to think of ways to keep our momentum going. I think we only need to do a mid-week empowerment challenge to keep us on track and get the battery recharged. We could dedicate say Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to a full focused challenge that will be both testing in mind and body. If you could let me know what your thoughts are and what we could include? We only get one crack at this life so lets start getting into it to get the most out of it!
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I’m cool with what your saying Troy
Becoming limitless 👊
Loving the podcast Troy! Glad to be part of the wave your vision is creating. Motivating me to achieve the best version of myself. Would love to hear you opinion on keeping the momentum going when the battery need recharging or life throwing a curve ball?
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Hi Patrick Thanks for the recommendation
5am club
OH NO!!! I cant find the 5am club!! will catch up with this book as soon as possible. Might even download on audible 🤔
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It’s on my reading list. Thanks for the
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