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What if we did a 3 day Empowerment challenge each week?
I'm trying to think of ways to keep our momentum going. I think we only need to do a mid-week empowerment challenge to keep us on track and get the battery recharged. We could dedicate say Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday to a full focused challenge that will be both testing in mind and body. If you could let me know what your thoughts are and what we could include? We only get one crack at this life so lets start getting into it to get the most out of it!
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Our Daily Challenges
How is everyone going with the challenges. This is the one thing we can have total control over. It's just a matter of scheduling time for yourself. It will be far better to do that now than allowing yourself to get sick and be no good to anyone. Prevention is better than cure!
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The Next Challenge
How did everyone go this week with the 3 day Challenge? Who is up for the challenge next week? How many days will you do in a row?
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Let's get a Health Challenge Going
Let me know what challenge you would like to do and let's all do it together. Maybe we could start on a five day challenge and do some prizes. Let me know what you think
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