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This name is kind of a big deal right now... Especially for anyone living in coastal Florida (which I do). For those of you who don't know...Ian is also my brother and @Leah Ford 's hubby...he's been a big deal in my life and my family's life for a while...he is an amazing dad, an awesome uncle, a great brother...seems to be a pretty great husband (Leah knows more about that)...and I thought I would take the opportunity to honor someone who is a blessing to me and has been for years...and blesses so many lives...vs...the ian on the news who is destroying lots of things...The Ian I know is 180 degrees the opposite of the mess this other ian is causing...stay safe if you are in the prayers are with you. @Gardner Sherrill let us know if you need anything. See the video for an update from today on what we are experiencing today in Jacksonville...I will update everyone again tomorrow. Please...comment below...who is a blessing in your life that deserves some honor?
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Thank you for the prayers. They were successful for my family. The storm came in just south of us while we were out of town in Italy. Felt very helpless but fortunate. Got home last night just in time for the power to come back on. If only I wasn't keeping tabs while away I'd just think there was a special on tree trimmings last week ;). Feeling a little guilty for Ft Myers and Naples and wishing them a speedy recovery.
Ever since we met... I loved my wife's culture... It was almost 20 years ago and I am traveling to Miami to meet Susan's family for the first time. She picked me up at the airport and we decided to grab a sangwich (sandwich for you non-cuban's) from Versailles, a local Cuban restaurant in the heart of the city and filled with a locals-only vibe. It was there I discovered cafecito...a Cuban espresso of sorts. Strong, smooth, bitter, sweet, a great mid-afternoon reset. She later told me it was her go-to elixer for pulling all-nighters before finals in college. Whatever you use it for...If you are fan of espresso, this is a great variation of the mid-afternoon tradition. To make: In an espresso cup Add: one or two teaspoons of sugar (I don't like things sweet, one is enough) small pinch of salt (most people have no idea about this) One or two shots of espresso (depends on how much you need or want) Stir and sip... @Matt Zahorec enjoy!
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Come visit us. Tampa is the original Cuban scene. Much older than Miami. Ybor City is an area in Tampa that has been Cuban since the 1800s. Love the food puerco and coffee.
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My next dish - - Basically Cuban Barbeque. There used to be a restaurant here in Bradenton called Jose's and it was amazing. Unfortunately Jose didn't have the best diet and died ;(. He was featured on Guy Fieri -
Intro- Gardner Sherrill
I'm Gardner Sherrill from Bradenton, Florida. Raised in Atlanta and defected to Florida 20 years ago - Still root for the Dawgs though. I work with retirees - see I live in Florida above ;) - I spent 16 years in private banking before going independent and starting my own practice 10 years ago. I am looking to systematize - even though my adhd monkey brain likes to recreate everything every time. 1 - Develop an automated marketing system that can be dialed up and down pending capacity constraints 2 - Master a simple repeatable sales process that is focused on quality over quantity 3 - Create a systematized planning process that is both of high value but also easily transferred to a paid associate 4 - Narrow focus on fewer activities and create more client value 5 - Work myself out of the daily business activities so I can focus on strategy and family
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Thanks Jeff! Listened to my first replay this week and enjoyed your comments.
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