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Hi, Just joined the group because I liked the idea presented in Wetube. I’m a mix between a fullstack marketer (10 years of experience) and fullstack developer (not as good as a developer than I am a marketer, but decent enough). I’m currently the co-founder and CMO of, a bootstrapped SaaS startup targeting short term rental owners (our main market is the French market, but we’ll expand to the English market this year). We’re currently doing around 1M€ of ARR and we want to double that in 2023. Glad to be part of the group. 😊



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    Thanks @Robert Boulos ! Yes, also as we started by selling courses/coaching about optimizing airbnbs, it allowed us to grow the SaaS business without needing any external funding because we were doing paid ads that were profitable day one, while selling an educational product that educated people on using our product also lol. We also gave a free trial of our tool to everyone that bought our courses, that allowed us to get quick feedback from real user and iterate the solution rapidly + once the free trial was finished, it created MRR. Now, the SaaS make a lot more money than the coaching and courses do and we’ve really low churn (some month negative churn). In our case we had many unfair advantages, me and my cofounders are experienced real estate investors and Airbnb operators with a great network in that space, my co-founder was also a tech lead at IBM with extensive technical ability and on my end was an experienced marketer having already scaled clients companies to 7 and 8 figures levels from scratch, so all that helped to be fair! Happy to be part of this group 🙂

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