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Melissa Redd
Hilton Head, SC
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Bio: High Ticket Closer
Walt Makaula
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Bio: Emmy Award Winning TV News Anchor & Business Development Consultant -- Always Learning -- Always Growing
Charlie Finn
UK - Liverpool
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Bio: Family man - 25 - Threw myself in the deep end of sales, ready to get my new career started🙏🏻
John Robertson
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Bio: Real Estate Investor that loves sales and seeing others grow.
Cindy Nielsen
Vero Beach, Florida
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Bio: Entrepreneur, client representative.....................playing BIG in a new space and loving every minute of it.
Michael Carroll
Tennessee, USA
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Bio: Husband. Dad. Tennessee Native. Adventurer. Truth Seeker.
Seth Wayman
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Bio: He who dares wins, this time next year we'll be millionaires, Rodney.
Samuel Toro
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Bio: Third person point of view
Devin Bray
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Bio: Olympic Weightlifter, father and husband with a passion for improving lives.
Dennis Drue
Albany, NY
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Bio: Lets work. "Fortune favors the bold"- Virgil
Sam Konzem
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Maria Finley
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Bio: Art had been a part of my family history, it is something I have dabbled in through out my life as a hairstylist by trade creativity is in my DNA.
Rachiel Cisternas
Utah • INFJ
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Bio: Ready to become a killer closer! Hit me up to practice at!
Jada Moss
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Bio: Wassup everybody 👋🏽
Christina MacLean
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Bio: Goal: To have the financial freedom to travel and save for my other dreams as well.
Arnaldur Ásgeir Einarsson
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Bio: Wifi money here I come😎🚀
Alberto Gil Matus
Vancouver, BC
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Bio: Former RCA Setter War Hero Currently @springsrejuvenation 🩺
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Freddie Brewster
Entrepreneur / Real Estate Investor looking for opportunities to create amazing results.

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