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#Week #2 Congratulations! Could not hold all the handstands, but I’m happy to practice and try :)



Jenni Cunningham
Fernanda Medina
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    Jumping in again today. I like the different options for building strength. The bear walk is so much fun!😁

#Week #1 Check-In I’m so behind but trying! I’ve had contractors at home since the challenge began and I find I’m not comfortable practicing while they’re here. They come early in the morning and leave in the afternoon at the end of the day. Still, I’ll do my best to follow and I’m just so thankful for you Jenni. The videos are wonderful and challenging in the best way ❤️



Jenni Cunningham
New comment Feb 16

#20-Minute Yoga for Flexibility this was amazing, thank you so much Jenni ❤️I’ve been sitting for days and today I found time to do it. It made me aware of how hard is on the body sitting for so long and not taking care of ourselves.



Jenni Cunningham
New comment Feb 10

#15-Minute Yoga for Strength is there an alternative for dolphin pose push ups and reverse plank due to shoulder limitations?



Jenni Cunningham
Jennifer Marshall
Fernanda Medina
New comment Feb 6
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    Going slow in my practice. Had a sick kiddo and husband. They’re doing better now so I’ll try to catch up. I did this 15min. on Saturday and loved it! It was challenging but in a good way. Inviting us to push ourselves. Had a bit of a hard time keeping my legs in a 90 degree angle when upside down against the wall and realized I was placing my legs higher up because it made it easier. Otherwise I felt that I couldn’t hold the pose at all. I think it has to do with lack of strength. But I’ll keep trying to get better at it.

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