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Hosting Live Event in 1 Hour!!
Hey Mentrix Academy! I’m hosting a live workshop on how to build and scale your business from 0-1 by leveraging AI. Going to breakdown ideation, market research, offer creation, marketing, and scaling 🤝 Don’t forget to join! Link is attached below 👇
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Is it still available? I was waiting to be let in
Everything Google Announced at I/O 2024
Google's I/O 2024 focused heavily on AI advancements. Here's a quick notes summary of what you need to know. Here are the key announcements: Gemini Nano and Pro - Gemini Nano with Multimodality: A mobile large language model that processes text, photos, audio, and video, converting any input into any output. - Gemini 1.5 Pro: A more powerful cloud-based AI system now available globally for developers. Google Photos - Ask Photos: Advanced search feature that uses context to find specific items in your photo library without collecting data for ads. Workplace Integrations - Gemini AI: Integrated into Gmail, Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, and Slides, assisting with tasks like email drafting and document summarization. - AI Teammate: A productivity assistant that helps manage projects and communications. - Gems: Automated routines managed by voice commands or text prompts. New AI Models - Gemini 1.5 Flash: A faster, low-latency model optimized for quick tasks. - Project Astra: A visual chatbot that interacts with users through phone cameras and smart glasses. Creative Tools - VideoFX: A generative video model creating 1080p videos from text prompts. - ImageFX: An improved image generator with fewer artifacts. - DJ Mode in MusicFX: An AI music generator for creating song loops and samples. Search Enhancements - AI-Organized Search: More readable search results and improved responses for longer queries. - AI Overviews: Summaries that pool information from multiple sources to answer queries directly. - Multi-Step Reasoning: Helps plan complex tasks like trips, suggesting hotels, restaurants, and itineraries. - Advanced Visual Search in Lens: Identifies objects and provides instructions through the phone's camera. Security Features - Scam Detection: Detects scam language in phone calls and prompts users to hang up. - SynthID Watermarking: Identifies AI-generated media to combat misinformation and deepfakes. These updates illustrate Google's focus on enhancing AI capabilities across its products, emphasizing usability, security, and creative potential.
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Everything Google Announced at I/O 2024
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I just watched and will watch a again because it’s so much going on I need to make sure I don’t miss a single thing
Alex Hormozi WILL Book a Sales Call With Me
WTF?? Yeah you read it right 😎 BUT… I need your help :) I need you all to rally along to help me on this pretty much delusional goal that my marketing director @Abhi Yamani came up with 🤝 Drop in the comment below what you think I need to do to make this happen. I WILL do it (if it doesn’t hurt anyone else). 👇 Let’s go!! If you want to follow along on my journey then follow me on Instagram. I just want to say - you never know until you try. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. So I’m taking the shot :) Full video here:
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FINALLY… got the hang of building my sales space/Landing page for my mini course! I’m still trying to figure out the bundling of it all, I have several faceless videos to start promoting the mini course, it’s all starting to take shape !!
What do you want?
Hey all, short post here. Just curious to know - what information and education can we provide that will really benefit you? That way, we can deliver value that is actually relevant. I’d love if you all could share in the comment below 👇
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I’d like to see the process of automation in action with how to set it up.
Lessons From Thomas Edison
As said by the New Yorker, “Edison did not look for problems in need of solutions; he looked for solutions in need of modification.” If you’re trying to build an offer or product and have no idea what to do, it’s OK. This is the same boat that 99% of people are in. The beauty of business in capitalism is exactly what the quote says. Stop trying to change the world, that time will come. If you were just starting a business, find solutions that exist, but need to be improved. People use those solutions, means they’re already solving a problem that is proven to be common among many people. But it doesn’t mean that the solution is exactly what people want. So TLDR; 1. find a solution that people are already paying for 2. Identify gaps in the solution by looking through comments, forums, and feedback. 3. Take everything good about the solution and add that one feature that fills in one gap. 4. And talk about how you’re way better than everyone else out there because of that gap you filled. 5. Break the matrix. This isn’t my own concept - it’s further broken down in this article: Great read 🤝 Got some super cool announcements coming soon, ways for you all to directly make money 👀
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Thank you because the struggle has been real with trying to determine how to pivot my business
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@Harsha Tambareni Well I have been in a slump as to what I want to offer to my ideal client, who’s is a Gen X women looking to start her business. I’m not sure what product to offer or program that I can create one time and make it evergreen, I love all things AI, I have even created some GPTS, I just don’t know what is my plan of action!
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