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I’m tired.
Tired of AI influencers sharing useless generic “1000+ prompt databases.”
Tired of people trying to sell you their stupid GPT based AI tool.
Tired of seeing the same content copy pasted everywhere.
It's my mission to make REAL AI business education accessible to everyone.
I’ve helped over 20+ clients automate their business operations and increase their revenue with AI.
And I’m now giving it all away for free ($10,000+ in value).
We’ve already released a free intro course and community resources, with 6 more courses to come.✌🏽
So if you’re looking to get the REAL insights on how to leverage AI inside your business from an actual Engineer and AI Consultant…
Welcome to Mentrix Academy, a dedicated enclave where ambitious founders like you unlock the true potential of artificial intelligence to scale your business 3x faster than your competitors.
I would love to see all of you lovely people inside :)
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Mentrix Academy
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Helping Business Owners like you scale 3x faster than your competitors by leveraging the power of AI and Automation. See you inside 🤝
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