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36 contributions to Michael Mignogna's SMMA School
Facebook page restricted.
So I was gonna work with this client. But the old agency he worked with managed to get his Facebook page banned from running ads. What to do here? Just move on to the next one?
New comment Jan 25
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you can create a new page for him that should fix the problem
Dec '23 
Merry Christmas everyone! ❤️ I'm still trying to wrap my head around it 😵‍💫 See attached our cash collected in Stripe in the last 30 days from just 1 client! In the past my performance and work ethic was lacking during December due to the fallacy that I’ve adopted: “Holiday season is a slow season. You can’t do anything about it”. However, this year, amidst the jingle bells✨ and holiday cheer, I kept pushing forward with unwavering consistency. And oh boy, did it pay off! After this transaction [below], we scaled from £50,000/mo to £110,000/mo. What I thought would be a slow-motion replay of a month turned into an absolute blockbuster, smashing all my expectations. I'm over here scratching my head, wondering if I accidentally stumbled into a parallel universe where December is the real MVP! The client that I’m now working with was surprised to see another hard-working businessmen as himself. No jokes. How did we get a £50,000/mo client during a holiday season? - We just continued working: 1. More cold calls I personally do 1000 cold calls a day + my team of ISAs, every one of them does 1k a day. We do big numbers - we get big results, even in December. Numbers = Results = Money. Now, we stick to our standards, hence, we do more comparing to the whole market. 2. Better sales Since I do all sales calls myself, I’ve always noticed - when I’m in the flow state, I perform better. And how to create a flow state, folks? Practice. How to practice? By going to the real world & actually putting in the work. The only thing that has changed - now I apply that Top G company ethic to December-January workflow too. And the performance of my sales team sky-rocketed when they saw their leader being restless, never giving up. 3. Better mindset It turned out very simple. Previously I thought that it’s normal to have a clouded mind during the snooze-fest of the year. Initially, it seemed like the whole world was winding down, caught up in the holiday spirit, ready to trade work stress for festive joy. But guess what? The grind never sleeps, and neither did I! Conscientious prospects respect that.
New comment Jan 21
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@Ahmed Sharyar 🔥
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@Dev Ww
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@Ahmed Sharyar
Appointments NO-SHOW
What do you do after booking an appointment with a potential client? We send them two emails regarding the meeting, one 24 hours before and one 1-hour before the meeting and we have a very low rate of attendance, maybe like 15-20%. What are your suggestions?
New comment Jan 14
0 likes • Jan 14
you dont have enough reminders for sure, and or you have fu*ked up on the cold call.
Sales Question: Roofing leads🤦‍♂️
im having a problem where multiple roofers told me they don't want to buy leads because they just don't need them anymore, even tho they still have open slots. What should I do in this case?
New comment Jan 14
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your offer has probably some holes in it.
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