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Client with pacemaker
Hi Lovely people, Iv a question . A client of my has a pacemaker her blood pressure is now in balance and a lot of anxiety issues 🫣. I thought just to slowly deep nose breathe and feel how her body responds. Has anybody experience's with someone how has a pacemaker ? It is my first session. Love to hear🙏✨💝
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I would inquire if they have any activity restrictions with the pacemaker - i.e. things that can increase heart rate and stress on the body as active breathwork can. You mention she has lots of anxiety issues so beginning with some downregulation practices may be a good idea.
Hey Everybody, I was wondering after the breathwork journey about this: My hands started hurting so bad and cramping that I had to stop for some time? How can one avoid that? And also I found that even though I feel great after the breathwork journey, the patterns I wanted to release seem to come up immediately afterwards again. And something in my mind is like yeah well this is nice but doesnt do longlasting effects. How do you see that?
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What you describe in your hands sounds like tetany. I don't know that there's a way to avoid it but when you notice it coming up you can experiment with moving your hands and shaking them out to see if that helps move through and lessen the cramping. Slowing down the breath may help ease it off as well. If possible, can you stay with it and stay curious about it? Sometimes I've found when I've experienced tetany in my hands it starts to shift and change when I can stay with it and watch it with curiosity. For the second part, feeling good after a journey and then the patterns come up again, it can be part of the process. Often when we're looking to shift things what is fights back and gets really loud before it releases to the shift (I hope that makes sense). I think it's remembering that this is a process, one breath session isn't going to immediately change all the things. It's a peeling back of layers, and a continual coming around, like a spiral.
Vedic Astrology Forecast for November
Thought this may be of interest to folks here. I'm also hosting an event working with a soundscape created by Listening to Smile using information from Tulsi Bagnoli to support us in moving through the energies of this month. Check it out here:
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An invitation
Hey all! I'm offering a practice for the full moon on October 28th that combines somatic movement, breath, and frequency minded music that I would love to have you join me for. We'll begin with movement to shake things out, then settle in and work with down regulating breath practices to fully relax and allow ourselves to be fully bathed in the music. This practice will work with an album created by Listening to Smile specifically for October 2023 and the planetary events that are happening. Are you in? Register here for the session at 9am MDT / 4pm UK / 2am ACT Register here for the session at 7pm MDT / 2am UK / 12pm ACT Exchange is $23 CDN which can be sent via e-transfer to or via paypal here:
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Thanks folks! I'm going to begin running these monthly so I'll keep you in the loop when the next one is.
My first audio course is live!!!
Hey all! I'm super excited that I now have an audio course available on Insight Timer and would love if you'd check it out and let me know what you think.
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@Yvonne Bignall thank you
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@Camilla Møll you could search for me, Forbsie, or the course name is An Introductory Course for Working with the Breath
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