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Tatiana Arreola
Dallas, Texas
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Bio: Entrepreneur in Financial Services ➡️ Looking for people ready to escape the 9-5, create passive income, and create a legacy for their families
Alice Madeira
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Bio: Woman that enjoy constructive challenges and always trying to be better than yesterday. Hard working and enjoys the outdoors. Love plants.
Kayla Gagnier
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Bio: T1D, mom of 2 boys. Partnered with my amazing other half. We love DnD and march to the beat of our own drum. I enjoy tp push boundaries, within reason
Shawn Orr
Warner Robins, GA
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Bio: I'm a Sales Mgr for a small car lot. I'm looking to build a business that allows me the time/freedom to enjoy the things in life that make me happy.
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Erin Argiloff
SAHM helping aspiring entrepreneurs turn their passions into profits online by leveraging their social media and creating their personal brand.

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