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Fellowship of people on their path towards discovering and fulfilling their life purposes.


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Feb 14 
Spanish people!
Yo! I'm from Spain and would love to connect with you if you're from here too! Specially if you have a community!
New comment Feb 14
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Here from Barcelona!
If you don't upload on YouTube for 7 months, this happens...
I didn't upload on YouTube for 7 months. And then I did. What happened next surprised me. I shared my update with my team on Slack a while ago, then realised some of you guys might be interested too, so I'm sharing my full private update for you guys here. Enjoy. And I'm curious to hear the thoughts that come to your mind after you finish reading.
New comment Jan 20
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@Andrew Kirby What will be your plan from now on for YouTube after seeing these results?
Which one would you click?
If you have any other suggestions I'd love to hear them!!
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New comment Dec '23
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@Zac Mason Thanks for the feedback Zac, helpful to generate some more ideas)
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@Tomáš Koóš Oh that's also probably right, thanks for the recommendation Tomas!
YouTube First Principles
This took a couple hours. I've been reflecting and analyzing a lot of videos lately, and I've tried to distill some principles, that should be the bedrock of content success. Those principles are pretty meta, and for this reason they lack detail. Disclaimer, I haven't had any success with YouTube, so this is theory. But it could provide some useful insights, and I'd be curious to see the opinion of some experts, I think we'd all benefit. So, here goes: -------- The Algorithm (what we all know) -------- The YouTube algorithm uses metrics to push videos: - Click-Through Rate (CTR) - Audience Retention There are other metrics obviously, but those are the ones we want to maximize. -------- Click-Through Rate -------- You can manipulate two things to increase this metric. A great CTR is 5%. - Thumbnail - Title The thumbnail is what will catch the eye. The eye sees thumbnail → title The Mental Process 1. Capture Attention - Viewer’s attention is captured by the thumbnail 2. Curiosity - Viewer reads thumbnail and title. I define curiosity as a desire to know 3. Hooked! - Viewer is curious and opens the video Capturing Attention The thumbnail is what captures attention. Our brain is much, much quicker at working with images. To capture attention, the thumbnail should stand out in the sea of videos in the YouTube home page. This can be done with a big face, with colors, with arrows, with text, or with a simple image. The important thing is that the eye is drawn there, and the thumbnail truly stands out. There are millions of ways to do this successfully. Instead of trying to explain all of them, ask yourself: Does this stand out? A thumbnail that stands out matters more than one that creates curiosity!! Look at the mental process! Curiosity Without step 1, people don’t even know about your video’s existence. But without a reason to open it, the viewer will keep scrolling. Curiosity is achieved through a combination of thumbnail and title. There are millions of ways to do this successfully, but there are a few main categories:
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I felt like in an intensive training while reading the post. Thank you Alessandro, this is really valuable. More people should see this!
Dec '23 
Product idea
So I have a instagram page about teaching young men about self improvement through football. I think it is a growing market, the purchasing power is not that high maybe similar to what hamza does. I wanted to create a skool community that helps them in self improvement so they can get better at football. What are your thoughts?
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With the way you explain it it would be a too difficult question to answer. If you don't have data to know if it's a good idea or not I recommend you 2 things: 1. Ask the people directly about it, whether they would like it or not. 2. If it doesn't work there's one certain way to know if it's a good idea: doing it. After all experience gives you the knowledge nothing else will give to you. But to be honest, if the community is guided towards the same goal and is actually useful I think it is a pretty good idea!
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