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Waqar Ahmed
Lewes, Delaware
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Bio: Helping High-Ticket Coaches & Shopify Stores Go Beyond $50K/month. Getting At Least 4-5x ROAS with Paid Ads via STDC Framework.
Angela Sutton
San Francisco Bay Area
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Bio: I believe sales is all about the relationship, not individual transactions. I help B2B software / SAAS sales & marketing pros grow $$ per customer
Kate West
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Bio: We provide integration support and ongoing coaching for people who are making use of therapeutic psychedelics in their healing journey.
Marcos Garcia
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Bio: 1 Year sober
Jonathan Stroud
San Diego, CA
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Bio: Space marketing & paid ads are my jam.
Darrell Boaz
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Bio: Follower of God, videographer, graphic designer, print broker, husband, father, and all around good man.
Venus Loraña
Montreal • ISTJ
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Bio: BDM @
Jülide Savut
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Bio: Partnering with Business Owners and Scaling them Past $50k/pm by Automating their Client Acquisition 📈⬇️
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Emma Davis
Facebook ad strategist & agency owner helping online course creators, experts and coaches create sustainable, scalable growth in their business

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