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my Youtube channel
about breathwork is now up and running. I'll be placing a lot of (depends on my time), how to, short and long videos about different breathing techniques, breathwork information and see where my creativity leads me. All are welcome to check out my new channel. As per the usual youtube fare, please subscribe, like and share my videos. Since I'm also still learning, I would appreciate your constuctive criticism. Thanks Emile
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@Annabelle Beydoun
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@Michelle Aurets Thank you
Better early than never (or late 😂)
I know it's still early but as the time flies so does my head, I may remember now and when it's time I don't, so I prefer to fail by posting early than posting late or not even remembering. Guys I want to wish you all a very beautiful breathful Christmas and a happy New year full of new breathers and many journeys. I love you all keep breathing my beautiful friends from all over the planet! 🎁🎅🏼🥂🎉💝🧧🐲🎇🪩
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I'll wish you the best of all seasons.
Have you worked with someone who has Dysautonomia?
Hi All! I just guided a journey to a person who has dysautonomia, low blood pressure, asthma and is taking medication for depression and anxiety so I chose to go for a long journey with the coherence breathing technique. She did feel a change specially in her inner dialogue and connection within, the theme was "Reconnecting with your inner power". I have researched and there's an article where they used coherent breathing as part of treatment with favorable results. She still wants to do a more activating journey I was wondering if anyone has guided people autonomic nervous system dysfunction with the activating techniques, and what your experience was?
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I have learned two thing from breathwork. One that everyone is different. This is shown by the number of acronyms, unpronounceable diagnoses, etc. that seem to show up in this forum. Secondly, everyone is the same. This shown by the fact that in order to be different, everyone does the same thing, breathe. I usually start with a journey (technique) to help balance an otherwise unbalanced breathing and see what happens. Once the client starts to feel a little balance in an otherwise unbalanced self, they seem to know instinctively which direction that they want to go.
First guided journey
Hi Everyone! Just wanted to share, I guided my first journey last week on Friday, I felt calm and at the same time felt my friend wasn't going deep enough but stayed the course and reminded her throughout to breathe deep. In the end she said she was in a trance going through different experiences of her life and that she's had two great healings in her life and this was one of them. It's true what Brian says, that sometimes what we consider as "nothing is happening" can actually be really a deep experience for the breather. I'm looking forward to sharing this again, I have another session scheduled tomorrow!
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Certified BreathMasters! How is your new business?
My background: I was in the June Cohort but have fallen behind. Work and life are my top excuses. Work has been up and down for the last year. I was contracting (think: desk job) since this time last year. However, those invoices were not getting paid and bills racked up. I finally got caught up and hired as a full time employee. For the last few months pay has been consistent but I recently found out I'm getting pushed back to contract due to a merger. So the uncertainty continues and I'm being advised (personally by my boss) to supplement this change with other contract work. So I come to a cross roads here where I want to dive into the work and get my certification. I already have business name, LLC, website, some graphics, etc. But my question is: For those of you that have made the transition, what has been your time frame to profitability? And, to justify that transition, how committed were you (full time, part time, weekends, nights only, etc)? Thanks in advance! Just looking for some inspiration to take that step (again). Cheers! Paul
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@Ani Lang You are more than welcome to join.
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@Hayley Ohl You are the first response I've had.
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