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9D Letting Go & Moving On Replay 🔥
Hey breath fam! Massive shout out to everyone who made it for the masterclass last night. Over 2k+ registrations and 380+ live on the call! Absolutely Insane 🚀 For anyone who couldn't make the live call, here's the replay link: Just a few words about our transparent intentions with these masterclasses.... 9D Breathwork is on a mission to revolutionize the world of mental health. In order to make that happen our objective is to recruit value aligned, impact inspired change makers into our movement. The ripple effect gives us the ability to spread this medicine globally. With 400+ certified 9D facilitators, spanning 51+ countries we're already well on our way! Launching our first primary/middle school backed 9D program this November, on the backend of this successful pilot launch we'll aim our sights for expanding to schools internationally 🌎🚀 Impact at scale. That's the mission. For anyone who are called to become an even bigger part of that, then don't just do the journey but watch the masterclass, all the details are there 🙏 ... with all that said, the Letting Go & Moving On journey is going to blow your fu**ing minds 🤯 Enjoy the ride! x Brian p.s. let me know how the journey was in the comments 👇
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thanks for the tremendous experience. I am in the new chapter of my life. all old beliefs gone and a right attitude in its place. thanks for helping me through it.
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@Miroslav Matus ❤️
Today I got a big lesson in gratitude!
Thank you @Hanna Alcantara , thank you for the support of myn pad. for the beautiful connection with the breath family. the medicine is great. the inventor may win the Nobel Prize, just like the founder of the community and all of you, you are so valuable. Thank you for support and responses. ❤️
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@Ani Lang thank you, I am also happy.
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@Yvonne Bignall This is all new to me too, but I'm glad I'm doing it.
I just began the dopamine breathing week in MB30 course. Whooo....that's a bit of work! Does anyone include the dopamine breathing as part of regular practice? If so, how (meaning when and what percentage of your breathwork practice) and why do you use it?
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it is a technique where you really pant, in a way that a dog pants, do you have to get used to breathing so short and fast deep in the lower abdomen?
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I practice 2 ronds of 2:30 in the morning. small steps at a time. the exercise is 3x increase. I laying down and after meditation.
Introduction to Breathwork
This weekend I held my first One Day Retreat Workshop for 16 beautiful women, here in London. The day included QiGong, meditation and an introduction to Breathwork! My nephew, who has just graduated as a film/TV composer wrote some really great pieces to accompany this 🥰 The focus of the day was anxiety and stress and it was so fulfilling to watch these women transform, even within such a short space of time! The whole day went so smoothly, the energy in the room was amazing and everyone is already asking when the next one will be! 😍
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thank you for sharing this, you can feel the energy and excitement coming from your post ❤️
Announcement: Breathwork Journey for Grief & Loss Nov 10th ❤️
Hey Breath Fam - This journey will be guided my dear friend and Breath Masters collaborator @Mona Bitar on Nov 10th at 5pm Bali time. Can register here: The community has been begging for a journey on this theme since we launched the school. The only reason I didn't create it myself is because it's been so long since I've grieved a loved one, I lacked the much needed emotional connection to draw from. Funny how the universe works, I just found out that one of my friends and clients passed a few days ago unexpectedly. Suffice it to say I'll definitely be joining this session myself 🥺❤️ Hope to see some of you there x Brian Here's a message from Mona: "In dire times you can lose joy, but you can NOT lose hope. Hope is your guide” With the world in such dire despair & anguish, it feels like we could all do with a powerful breathwork session for a cause. Breathing BEYOND Grief & Loss is a Transformational Breathwork Journey designed to give you the tools necessary to move beyond the pain of grief, loss & change in life. Through conscious connected breathing, journaling & integration, we will tap into unprocessed grief by starting at the conscious level. We will be kicking off with intention setting & journaling to connect with the parts of ourselves that we may have been avoiding. We will then take a deep dive into our inner world with a Transformational Breathwork Journey intricately designed to integrate & move through grief & loss at the subconscious & cellular level. In this 2.5 hour session, we will be giving ourselves full permission to feel, express & release grief & finally be able to complete any unfinished cycles of grief & loss you may have been suppressing so that you can come to experience a new sense of freedom & empowerment moving forward from the past & truly embracing the present!
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@Yvonne Bignall thank you ❤️ a fantastic experience. I wish to spread more of the medicine ❤️
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@Mona Bitar thank you ❤️ I would have loved to participate. I was able to distribute the medicine at the same time as you, in a different time zone. I am very grateful for that. met some people from Jordan. very friendly warm people who are certainly open to helping us. I embrace the event and look forward to the move to permanently leave the small country of Belgium.
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