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Isael Rivera
β€’ Active 4h ago
Bio: Pleasure to be on this journey with you brothers and sisters.
Aaron Beadles
Reno & NorCal β€’ ENFP
β€’ Active 8h ago
Bio: Previous Agency ~ 1,000+ clients | Current Agency worked with UFC, USPS & more | Focus ~ SMB, Teaching & Affiliates | God Bless you all in Jesus name
Mona Osman
New York, USA
β€’ Active 1h ago
Bio: I am a 20 year commercial loan originator looking to 10x my business
Gary Shergill
β€’ Active 36d ago
Bio: Love my Toddler & amazing wife. Had a ball in entertainment industry. Acting/Pro wrestling. All led me to Marketing. Let’s succeed/BG. Praise God πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
Dr. Lothar Rapior
Frankfurt, Germany
β€’ Active 22h ago
Bio: Doing Good for Profit - the more I earn, the more I can help 43 years of Global Travel. Three careers - Global A.I. Marketing Business is next.
Maurice Shabazz
β€’ Active 2d ago
Bio: I have two decades of experience as a serial entrepreneur, credit expert, and business advisor.
Brian Cook
Billings, MT
β€’ Active 74d ago
Bio: Husband | Father of 4 | World Traveler | Digital Nomad | US Marine | Former Police Officer | Owner of Mind Body Digital Marketing & Empowering Humans
Tina Young-Holman
Silsbee, Texas
β€’ Active 28d ago
Bio: Tina is a business consultant who owns a magazine, talk show, and online store. She helps entrepreneurs live in purpose on purpose while a caregiver.
Felicia Harris
β€’ Active 4d ago
Bio: Hi my name is Felicia. Single Mommy of a handsome 6 year old, living in CT, working in corporate health care. Looking forward to meeting you all!
Innocent Chinyama
β€’ Active 104d ago
Bio: Financial services entrepreneur, prospective digital products investor / agency owner, dad
George Cerqueira-Sepero
β€’ Active 70d ago
Bio: Jacksonville Epoxy & Impact Estimates
Edith King
β€’ Active 3d ago
Bio: I am planning to be Larita Medina's buddy. I enjoy reading about AI and I'm looking forward to learning more and working with Larita Medina.
Demetra Mcknight
Dallas, TX
β€’ Active 6h ago
Bio: CEO and Founder @ Elev8 Amplify Marketing. A digital marketing agency looking to help businesses grow using AI and automations.
Steven Pointer
β€’ Active 18d ago
Bio: My wife and kids need me. I need me. We need this. help me help me. my wife is all in. My kids are ready to see greatness. They’re waiting on me.
Donatas Markauskas
Vilnius, Lithuania
β€’ Active 1d ago
Bio: I'm from Lithuania, Europe. With my wife, I have a small WEB design /SEO agency. We want to expand the agency.
Ken Rice
β€’ Active 113d ago
Bio: Interested in Affiliate and e-learning digital marketing
Max Dean
β€’ Active 1d ago
Bio: A lead-generating business consultant living on the edge with A.I. Let's play!
Jen Ingratta
Essex Ontario canada
β€’ Active 17d ago
Bio: Creative mother of 3 looking to expand my knowledge base and excel in my life and hopefully take my finances to the next level..
Francisco Rivera
β€’ Active 85d ago
Bio: Serial Entrepreneur cracking the AI code and boosting brands. 10+ years in digital marketing, a passion for growth, and a knack for helping others.
David Palka
Notranje Gorice
β€’ Active 43d ago
Bio: A firm believer in the power of knowledge, I'm always seeking opportunities to expand my horizons.
Tracey Bauer
San Rafael, CA β€’ ESFJ
β€’ Active 44d ago
Bio: I'm stepping into digital marketing from a career working in luxury - fortunate to work on Chanel for 13 yrs My bridge passion guided my new venture.
Luis Perez
Tampa FL
β€’ Active 4d ago
Bio: πŸš€Goal set for the rest of my life:#Growth & #Execution! I’m Ready to dive in, learn, and laugh. Let's connect and create consistent magic together! ✨
Sherri Ashley
β€’ Active 52d ago
Bio: Love everything about digital marketing, learning new software and AI. I can't wait to get well versed in using Growthworks AI and getting a lot done!
Steven Cooper
New Jersey
β€’ Active 136d ago
Bio: Steven is a Senior Loan Officer/Sales Manager in the mortgage banking industry. I love reading, public speaking, skiing and great conversations.
Wayne Matthews
New Zealand
β€’ Active 24d ago
Bio: Addicted to life. Hunting and outdoors are my passion. Serving the community for the greater good.
John Denney
Kelowna BC Canada
β€’ Active 2d ago
Bio: I have been in the online space for about 10 years. I do marketing for local businesses and just purchased a wine tour company. Hello from Kelowna BC.
Dana Miller
Aurora, IL
β€’ Active 25d ago
Bio: Tax industry
Mphoka Ramose
β€’ Active 39d ago
Bio: IT professional - Program Manager IT infrastucture for large enterprises. Starting up different high-ticket ventures. Visionair, Enthoisiast!
Juan Sanchez
β€’ Active 1d ago
Bio: Entrepreneur , Content creator , Trucker , Artist. Life coach…Gratitude for all that’s to come. Appreciation for all that’s here. πŸ™
Robert Spence
Fountain Valley, CA, USA β€’ ENTJ
β€’ Active 41d ago
Bio: I own a mobile beverage company, and a casino party rental company. I am here to learn as much as I can.
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Eliud Gathanu
I'm a dad, husband to Betty, and lover of Kenya's bush life. Founded OnePlumbing to fix leaky plumbing woes. Here for fun and learning! πŸš€πŸ”§"

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Joined Feb 20, 2023
Nairobi, Kenya
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