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Nicholas Valentino
Roskilde • ENTJ
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Bio: I help skinny entrepreneurs build an excellent physique so that they become a walking billboard for their personal brand. 🏋️
Ezra Davidson
Sacramento, California • INFJ
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Bio: Aspiring Entrepreneur | Bible Enthusiast | Philippians 4:13
Anirudh Ramesh
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Bio: Content Creator/Entrepreneur
Dominic Badger
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Bio: Vary important to improve online
Leandro Kiribaki
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Bio: Leandro-17 years old, aspiring to become the greatest of my time
Acul Nesah
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Bio: 16 years old. I want to become a coach soon
Mehdi Ahad
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Bio: Copywriting and info agency
Ayman B
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Bio: Trying to improve
..Mm .Mm
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Bio: .
Damon Jon
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Bio: Married, Christian, Entrepreneur. God above all else.
Vy Pham
United States
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Bio: Focusing on growth.
Ante Zovko
Croatia, near Zagreb
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Bio: I am 20 year old from Croatia.
Dev Narayan
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Bio: I am dev 20year old who want to ace my goals , i am working on creating that burning desire and a mindset to achive everything that i had dreamed of
Ayushman G
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Bio: 17,currently focused on self improvement and betterment of the self
Dragan Ognjenovik
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Bio: 24
Fatos Morina
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Bio: Software engineer
Berkant Mustafa
Bulgaria • INFJ
• Online now
Bio: I help coaches scale & they don't pay UNLESS I help them scale
Daniel Fowler
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Bio: 016danielf Wanting to become the best version of myself by becoming 1% better and learning new things about myself and the world
Ehsan Khan
Toronto, Canada
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Bio: Remote Sales Professional
Thomas Zutis
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Bio: Athlete
Martha Sandra
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Bio: ❤️❤️
Wesley Sofia
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Bio: ❤❤
Martha Sandra
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Bio: ❤️❤️
Linda Graffiti
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Bio: My name is Linda Graffiti
Amir Elmesiry
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Bio: Amir 15 years Vienna
Žarko Dorić
Serbia, Novi Sad
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Bio: Leader Of Horde
Ahaan Nagpal
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Bio: You cannot change your destination overnight, but you can slowly change your direction :-)
Michael Sofia
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Bio: ❤❤
Samuel Almers
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Bio: 15
Seif Sameh
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Bio: Entrepreneur, Student
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Elias Mahle Moen
Helping you lock in and get shit done.

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