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Aziz Iskandar
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Bio: Building an AI that teaches you AI on
Abdul Karim
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Bio: I am Lonely, Not Only
Olanrewaju Asade
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Bio: Real estate agent
Tj Jacob
Maui, Hawaii
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Bio: Jumped on the AI wave, riding it into the sunset!!
Happiness Mpazi
Dodoma, Tanzania • INFJ
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Bio: First Year Computer Science Student
Raoul Didisheim
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Bio: tech
Javed Jorge
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Bio: Work for school children Work for Bible Study
Elizabeth Arnold
Texas • INFP
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Bio: I help people find business solutions, but love art, creativity, innovation, AI, human behavior and humor.
Russell Wright
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Bio: Russell Wright is an AI Activist, digital nomad, and information retrieval professional. He has built digital businesses for over 15 years.
Emmanuel B
Digital Nomad 🏖☀️
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Bio: 😃 WebDev (JS/TS/Vue3)
Kenneth Kingz
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Bio: Cool
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Eileen Lacerte
Luxury Real Estate Broker in Hawaii. Most of my clients are Dot Com CEO's. I need to talk their language at all times!

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Island of Hawaii, Hawaii
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