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Daniel Diment
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Bio: I run services business'
Lela Weis
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Bio: St Louis, MO. Sr Project Manager/Team Leader. ❤ strength training, running, our little RV, our 2 pups and old elderly cat, and sober life.
Mike Graham
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Bio: Video optimisation, copywriting and AI skills
Rick Radde
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Bio: Retired Coast Guard. Married Live in western South Dakota
Rolando Ortiz Velazquez
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Bio: Rolando Ortiz
Ashley Wheeler
Miami, FL
• Active 93d ago
Bio: High Performance Coach - Breathwork, Rapid Resolution Therapy & subconscious reprogramming to upgrade your business, body, bank account & beyond
Derek Dorow
South Dakota
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Bio: Man of faith | Father | Woodworking enthusiast
Annelise Palacios
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Bio: Aloha ohana! I am all about personal development. Here, to connect with you soul to soul. I congratulate you on taking this leap in your life journey.
Dustin Dunbar
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Bio: I am in San Diego most of the time. Love to help others, write, golf, surf, travel, and hang with my kids.
Mark Cardines
Ft. Hood
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Bio: 42yrs old, 11yr Army veteran, here to change myself to become the best man i can be. Always willing to help others when and if I can.
Josh Overton
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Bio: AFR 100% U Coach. I'm a father of 5, an enjoyer of history, and an adventurer. I'm a big scifi nerd and huge fan of the American football
Rob Nesbitt
Folsom, CA • INTJ
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Bio: AFR coach. In Cali. CPA, guitar, Peloton. Reparenting myself.
Jessi Swagger
• Active 106d ago
Bio: & Tranquility
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