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Don El Etr
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Bio: Build
Keith Graves
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Bio: Always looking to build a better AI MouseTrap
Samuel Bouldin
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Bio: I'm excited to get started.
Riley Westbrook
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Bio: Co-founder of Valor Coffee
Ryan Kumpula
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Bio: Chemical salesman, entrepreneur, serial learner.
Aaron Delezenski
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Bio: Tech and Automations Wizard
Steve Becht-Buss
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Maho Yoshida
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Bio: Hi
Brad Hoyt
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Bio: New Learner
Filip Hudeček
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Bio: CEO in a textile company.
Karl Stump
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Bio: As a lover of self-development and education, I am here to grow and learn. Entrepreneur, business owner, and professional helicopter & airplane pilot.
Chris Carrington
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Bio: Trying to sharpen my AI skills
Karthikeyan Srinivasan
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Bio: Love data
Ejaz Khan
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Bio: Hi, I am a fashion and wildlife photographer, I have started making feature films that are showing on iTunes, Amazon Prime, and Google Play.
Nick Schoeneberger
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Cyborg Kito
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Bio: 33.6v
Dylan Beese
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Bio: 23 Year Old Welsh Entrepreneur
Jeffrey Beers
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Bio: Jeff
Bret Moleta
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Bio: Mindsaw
Daron Barclay
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Bio: Lifelong student that is always looking to stay current about new technologies and trends
Nathan Schwade
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Bio: I
Lauren Surach
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Bio: Here to help you build your Ai Foundations!🤩
Ralph Whetstine
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Bio: Greetings, New to AI, longtime FB user. I have a keen interest in what I and other can do with the benefit of AI and am always eager to learn.
Dave Furano
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Bio: Dave Furano Rock & Brews Founder Life is a beautiful thing
John Keppler
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Bio: Ai User
Simon Castellanos
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Bio: Simon Castellanos
Adam Tindall
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Bio: Novice AI user looking to deploy AI to help scale professional services business.
John Cappello
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John Murphy
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Bio: Business owner and AI enthusiast
Ameya Joshi
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Bio: AI enthusiast and visionary leader onboarded this wonderful group of creators and innovators.
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