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Build your 811 coaching business, and improve your 811 experience, with full community support, as well as having Dr. Doug Graham here personally.


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I am here to post about the opportunity available through being part of this community. It wasn’t something I was expecting to become a part of, for whatever reason. I often find being in a group of people I don’t know a little overwhelming. As a perfectionist at heart I always want to get my things perfect and then show them to the world. I’ve joined other groups and got mixed results. The point of this post is to make clear, to communicate, why this opportunity is so valuable. I have a tremendous amount to share through my knowledge experience and what I’m committed to creating in the world Ted Carr and his team have given me that opportunity is. This is the way we change the world re-create industries and make the impact. We’re all committed and more than capable of making getting a message out. I’m committed to impacting is fashion, making it from some thing, wasteful something which is fuels our insecurities, something collaborative, beautiful impactful, for the greater good of all, for the empowerment of people and for the future of the planet. What is the industry you are transforming?
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My vision is to change the way people eat. I'd like to see the world go raw vegan, and preferably 811 raw vegan. I've been working on this mission for quite some time. Over the past 20 years, based upon the teachings in my book, The 80/10/10 Diet, more than a dozen festivals have sprung up around the world, and all have had me as their lead presenter. So far, however, the effect is small. Most people have never even heard of raw vegan, let alone The 80/10/10 Diet. I can't do it all alone. I'm hoping to change that, and I'm doing it through my 811 Certified Coach Program. I'm on a mission to train as many coaches as possible.
Gold remains golden
I'm loving that the building process helps me become more familiar with my own materials. Repurposing material that was gold the first time around, I find it is still gold when I go back to it.
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Seems golden oldies were appropriately named.
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While I love that I am still quite capable of having new insights, seeing new ways to connect the dots, and improving my overall understanding of health creation, I find it equally important to be able to build upon the foundation and structure I have created over the opposed to thinking that I should be breaking ground in preparation for building a new foundation..
125+ members in 4 weeks only leveraging other Skool groups
With very little time investment & people only joining from seeing my Skool profile, I've had 125+ people join my community. I'm Ness, 18 from Australia and am stoked to be here. My goal is to be making $5k/month from coaching within 30 days, and $10k/month from coaching within 60 days from now. I plan on doing this by creating a low-ticket community ($99/month) where I offer courses that will be drip fed via gamification (to lower churn, increase community engagement & allow me to sequence the courses in the way I think will be best), 3 weekly coaching calls, pop-up lectures, an insane time-saving resource/tool list, prizes and a bunch of other goodies. I'm capping the member count at 30 for reasons (advised by a mentor making 100k/month) that I may get into in a future post and I'm completely confident that I'll have 30 people in there by the 27th (7 days after my launch). That'll be 3k/month easy and then the other 2k will be a matter of upping the member cap to 50 once I've made the community even more exceptional over the next month. I'll be offering a high-ticket 1to1 offer for 6, 7 & 8 figure entrepreneurs as they are the type of clients I'll be able to provide the most objective value to. If you're interested in optimizing your health (namely sleep & testosterone) I have nothing to sell you but would be happy to send you a resource that I put together that has remained as the most liked post (out of 25,000+ posts in both of the groups 'Adonis School' (~850 members) & 'Adonis Gang' (~5,000 members). I'd appreciate if you left any feedback below as although I have a clear plan of action I am ALWAYS open to hearing from people that know more than me, of which there are a definitely a lot in here 😅 I look forward to connecting with many of you & I'm sure you'll be seeing win after win from yours truly.
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Really well done!
revision website
my dear ones i have just renewed my website, i'd love to hear your feedback, whatever is your impression from it, i'd love to hear it, i'd love to know it. thanks so much !!
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Lex, good site. Interesting concepts. Definitely needs editing, as there are many typos and grammatical errors. The errors distract the reader from paying attention to your message, and make for less clarity of communication. I can help you edit, or you can hire an editor, but either way, I suggest you get it done. Good grammar is an important part of your professionalism. Again, good for you and I do wish you many successes.
CLOSED: $1,000 Giveaway.
Edit: The winner this round was @David Seybering 🎉 He got the most people into his free community. I will be Zoom interviewing him next week to see how he did it! Nobody entered/won the paid members category... Original post: This November, we're giving away $1,000 to celebrate getting 2,000 members here on Skool 🥳 We're hosting a Community Growth Challenge! There is 1 way to win: 1) Get as many free members into your free Skool community as you can. Whoever grows by the most free members wins $1,000. Here's how to enter: 1) Post a screenshot below of how many members you have on or before November 1st... Then post another screenshot on December 1st. Whoever sees the most growth by December 1st wins. If you want personal, private 1:1 help setting up your community on Skool so you're properly set up with the right strategy in place to win, send me a DM with the word SKOOL and we'll hop on and set you up. Rules: 1) Your community topic must meet the Skool terms and conditions (ie. No illegal stuff!) Any questions? Comment below! 👇 Want me to host a workshop showing you how I'd win if I was going to enter? Comment WORKSHOP below and I'll host it for you.
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Good for you, Kathleen.
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@Hayley Porter That is so very kind and generous, Hayley. Thank you.
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