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Diamond Francis
United Kingdom
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Bio: Freelance Graphic Designer
Ghedeer Ibrahim
Mississauga, Ontario Canada
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Bio: Martial artist who works in sales
Camren Schroeder
Lincoln, NE
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Bio: Business manager working 40 hours a week and looking forward to becoming a new ecommerce entrepreneur!
Jenny Palmer
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Bio: Film editor. Been in business for myself since I was 19. Love the idea of POD and 2023 is the year to get my act together and make it a success.
Jennifer Kennedy
Pennsylvania, USA • INFJ
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Bio: ✨ Ask me how to get social posts written for you automatically with every video you post on your youtube channel. ☀️🌈 Have an amazing day!! 🌟
Evonne Hew
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Bio: A graphic designer Mom looking to make expressive and inspirational designs helping others to create special moments between their loved ones.
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Donna Clarke
I'm a mom, wife, teacher, crafter, and creative soul seeking to fulfill my life's purpose and live with intention every day!

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Joined Dec 8, 2022
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