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9D Free vs 9D Gold?
I just now noticed there are 2 different Skool groups. When did this happen?
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Can you tell me more about that @Paula Stockamp ?
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Aahhhh now it is clear thanks 🙏💖
Not a "trend"
Here's a bit of copy I wrote for my social medias ..................,.............. Don't be fooled, breathwork isn't just a passing trend—it's a game-changer for your health! Imagine having the key to the single most important function of your body. The power to drive yourself towards vibrant health or steer clear of disease. That's what breathwork offers. 🌬️ Here's why you should be excited: Autonomic Nervous System: Your body's operating system, constantly guided by your breath, decides your actions. Discover how breath can influence this system and direct your health. Physiology: Oxygen and carbon dioxide are life's building blocks. Every process in your body depends on their balance. Breathwork is your secret weapon for managing these crucial elements. Stress: Stress is inevitable, but your response isn't. Breathwork equips you with a powerful strategy to conquer stress and boost your resilience. Emotions: Your emotional state affects your entire body. Anxiety and gratitude trigger distinct biochemical reactions. Breathwork connects your breath to your emotional well-being, offering a unique tool to take charge of your life. So, what are you waiting for? Breathwork isn't just a trend—it's a fundamental pillar of health waiting to transform your life. Schedule a FREE consultation now at and embark on your journey to euphoric well-being! 🌟🌬️ #BreatheWellLiveWell #healthandwellbeing #physicianhealthyself
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Thanks for sharing @Kevin Smith I would love to use some lines? Are you oke with that?🤗🪄💖
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Grazie Kevin💃💖
New 9D Drops Tonight at 8pm Bali time 🔥
Who's in for tonight's 9D Masterclass and new journey drop!? 8pm Bali time it's going down 🚀 This journey is going to be a special one. My first swing at working with a music producer and original vocalist to create original score music from scratch for 90% of the tracks 🔥 The Theme is a follow up to the original 9D Journey Letting Go... so tonight we'll be... Letting Go.... And Moving On Not only the theme, but the vision and the reward for doing the work. Whatever the struggle that's going for you in your life at this moment in time, this is your opportunity to lean in, do the work and get to the other side of it. Transcendence friends. Alchemizing the struggles into the gifts. This is what it's all about ❤️ Hit the link to register NOW: See you soon tribe ✊ Brian (and the 9D Team) p.s. if you can't make it live no sweat recording will be available for the next week x
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@Yvonne Bignall Yes indeed it is a beautiful vision I have seen and yes the energy is very high and the Vibration we are putting down with each other to make a beautiful world again💖
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@Yvonne Bignall 🙇🪄💖
Next 9D Masterclass + New Journey Drops Nov 2 🚀
Hey Breathwork fam - you need to know this 👇🏽 2nd November 8pm Bali time I’m dropping the latest 9D Breathwork. Mark the date my friends, because we’ll be: Letting Go And Moving On 🔥 That’s our theme, our vision and inspiration. This is the most excited I've been about a journey since the original. Why? Because I've worked directly with a music producer to create 90% of the tracks from scratch and a vocalist and spoken word song writer to drop original lyrics 🤯 This is a sneak peak clip from behind the scenes of my creative process... clearly inspired by much of what's going on in the world at the moment. So, let's come together and continue doing the deep inner work of transforming shame, guilt and trauma, so it can stop sneaking back into our lives as some form of self-sabotage, limiting beliefs or that critical inner voice. You all know full well transformation doesn’t happen overnight. And you also know we can level up quickly with this 9D medicine and it’s more powerful when to do this work together.... So mark the date and hit the link to register NOW: Letting Go And Moving On Can’t wait to share this one with you - it’s going to be LIT. Big love Brian
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Yes I did but didn't receive the last 2 times sadly no reply 🫢
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I will do🙏. Yes I think so to. There is a limited time to see it. So it is oke🤗
Client with pacemaker
Hi Lovely people, Iv a question . A client of my has a pacemaker her blood pressure is now in balance and a lot of anxiety issues 🫣. I thought just to slowly deep nose breathe and feel how her body responds. Has anybody experience's with someone how has a pacemaker ? It is my first session. Love to hear🙏✨💝
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Yes I do that for sure 💝🙏
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Thanks @Erin Forbes I'm Giotto take it verry easy with here. We do a one one one session. So I'm near to here. But thank for recomendation🙏✨💖
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Hi I'm DjezzManon and I love breathwork , I'm a sparkel specialist and this wil give me and my clients so much more brightness and healing.

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