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Bjarndis Mitchell
• Active 24d ago
Bio: An Icelandic senhora of many talents and roles. Loving life, good food, friends and family and planning on spending half my time in Portugal.
Ian Turner
• Active 24d ago
Bio: Ex-Engineer, Ex-Businessman, Athletics Coach and more importantly Husband, Father and Grandfather.
Anna Olsson
• Active 54d ago
Bio: A Sweden in Portugal. Always following my dream
Bobby OReilly
• Active 428d ago
Bio: Promote living in Portugal, love the lifestyle and Life in general
Jac Polley
• Active 148d ago
Bio: Horizontal, except when it's Gin O'clock.
Connie Nelson Tinkler
• Active 372d ago
Bio: Bom Dia de Canada😎
Frank D.
• Active 372d ago
Bio: I'm Frank...
Francis Gersbach
Porto, Portugal
• Active 101d ago
Bio: Husband of one, Father of two | Video Production | Photography
Phil Cooklin
• Active 232d ago
Bio: I believe that I can help at least one person fulfill their dreams 😃
Thunder Duck
• Active 168d ago
Bio: Quack!
Nuno Mendes
Lisbon, Portugal
• Active 140d ago
Bio: "Building COMMUNITY, Building TRUST", throughout insurance assistance
Andy Cline
• Active 148d ago
Bio: Documentary filmmaker. Co-founder of Carbon Trace Productions. Emeritus Professor of Media & Journalism at Missouri State. Living in Aveiro, Portugal
Douglas Hughes
• Active 199d ago
Bio: Travel. Classic cars. Wine. Beer. All the usual.
Bairr Andy
• Active 9d ago
Bio: Viva a vida louca
Amy Noble
• Active 3d ago
Bio: Professional tour guide and pint sized travel nerd
Sara Yurman
• Active 51d ago
Bio: I like my family, bicycles and chocolate.
Virginia Larsen
• Active 46d ago
Bio: Moved (with husband) from California, via north Texas, to Porto in 2023.
Sarah Davie
• Active 37d ago
Bio: Currency Expert - helping people to save time and money, whether you are buying a property, paying fees, or transferring money to your local account.
James Holley
• Active 3d ago
Bio: O meu nome é James (aka some version of Banana Slug ... it's a long story). I'm the one goofing around with Carl every Monday morning on GMP.
Cátia Lima
• Active 235d ago
Bio: I write about Portugal and collect memes.
Debby Bradford
Melbourne FL
• Active 2d ago
Bio: Arriving in Coimbra with my doggy May 17 on a D7!!!
Wayne Barker
• Active 256d ago
Bio: Born in Canada, schooled in U.K., made in the RN, Retired, living in Portugal
Louisa Tanner Munson
Portugal • INFP
• Active 145d ago
Bio: Brit, digital nomad, homeschooling mum with 3 kids, living in Portugal. Astrology & Subliminal Coach with membership plans & livestreams. AKA Mrs M
Tony Nunes
• Active 138d ago
Bio: Born on Pico Island, raised and living in Canada. I own a home on Pico Island, but interested in having a base on the continent in retirement as well.
António Ferreira
• Active 20h ago
Bio: Just a common portuguese guy...
Vitor Costa
• Active 6d ago
Bio: Helping people have a great life in Portugal :)
Maxine Bowles
• Active 143d ago
Bio: X
Kristina Brand
Massachusetts, USA for now • ENTJ
• Active 14d ago
Bio: We love traveling, exploring new places, and meeting new people. We’re looking forward to moving to Portugal soon! 🇵🇹
Filomena Pascoal
• Active 4d ago
Bio: Bom dia, alegria!
Barak Zable
Travanca de Lagos
• Active 18h ago
Bio: Barak & Michelle Zable made the move in 2023 now living in Portugal.
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