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PlayLists are the awesome
Hi, I was wondering if there was anyone else who has managed to download some of the playlists from Journeys they have done, then listen to them throughout the day, in the background of their day, in the car etc. My question is, has anyone noticed a shift in their awareness, energy, the way they breathe when listening to the playlists? Firstly I love the music so I have tried to download the music purely for the enjoyment, however, I have realised that whilst I listen to the music I am subtely aware of a shift within my being. I am still putting a definite finger to it, though there is a greater calm within. It is as if the breathwork journey of that playlist, whatever was released and healed, now comforts, heals & there is this peace, calm, healing energy. Its amazing! I would love to know if anyone else has experienced something similiar.
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What are these playlists you speak of? I’ve only just joined last night n trying to work everything out😊😬
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@Michelle Aurets such beautiful true words🤙
5 day challenge- day 5 experience
Wow just did day5 (of 5 day challenge)- held my breathe for 3minites!!! I’m so proud of myself🤣😂. And usually when I have my eyes closed - kinda in my minds eye I see black but after that 3 min hold a light came over me and I could see white with my eyes closed if that makes sense 😂- awesome experience. Thanks so much Brian for giving this experience to so many people 👌
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Hi there everyone 😊I’m living in a little beach town in Western Australia- about to do the Breathework journey tomorrow night (nervous n super excited for it all) and of course excited to be apart of this group
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@Joana De Almeida highly recommend it (the facilitators I had were truly beautiful people and helped everyone along their personal journey). It took me a couple of songs/breathework into the 40min session before I had my first release- at the time it is crazy intense trying to keep up with the breathe between crying etc🤣but well worth it. I felt so light n calm after it, some people were totally wiped out physically, others too emotional to talk n stayed in silence which is all good. I am doing the 5 day challenge on here n in the future will go to more group 9D also- feeling good
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@Joana De Almeida go for it! I think it cost me just over $80 Aussie $ - totally worth it considering I’ve spent heaps more on other modalities of healing (and people spend thousands going to shrinks etc) and barely get any results or it take forever, where’s I feel so different after just one session n can keep going at home with this groups great content 😊😊
5 day challenge
Holy shite! I just did day 1 (of 5 day challenge)- that was intense for me because I have been practicing nose only breathing for awhile now. Thought my sinus/top jaw area was going to explode haha. Got thru it n my whole body had pins n needles (and noticed something going on with right side of my body but whatever that is, it’s not releasing yet. Will see what day 2 brings😊😊
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