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Gwendolyn Castaneda
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Bio: No experience but 100% committed to learning.
Bryan Crawford
Delhi, La
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Bio: New to BRRRR
Youri Ypma
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Bio: Hi
Kevin Costabel
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Bio: Motivated individual just trying to be liberated from the status quo. Looking to make it in this complicated place we call Earth
Sorin Andrian
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Bio: Life is like a camera lens. Focus only on what's important and you will capture it perfectly.
Mark Williams
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Bio: Part crockpot, part vase. Always looking to help out others in anyway I can. At the end of it all the only thing that will matter is my integrity.
Dieuw Thonet
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Bio: Not new to RE but need a hand to get back in.
Katherine Vousden
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Bio: Katherine V
Taylor Smith
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Zhamerah Parkman
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Bio: Hello, I am Zhamerah Parkman a Real Estate investor in training looking to start the process of Wholesaling Property Contracts.
Ronald Boettcher
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Bio: I’m college educated, veteran, like to work, Always trying to find a faster way to get the same results. Been interested in building a portfolio.
Keith Murray
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Huzaifa Qaisrani
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Bio: Don't Miss The Opportunity!!
Howard Davis
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Bio: God, Family, Business. Dream like you’ll live forever, Live like you’ll die tomorrow.
Sophia Isabella
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Bio: If you leave everything in your life to chance, you'll turn your life into a lottery.
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David Dodge
Real Estate Investor & Coach :) I love helping people learn how to flip houses and make money using Real Estate!
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Saint Louis, MO

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