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Ico van den Born
Quito, Ecuador • INTP
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Bio: Technology and Business Development Professional | School of Purpose
Coen Tuerlings
Netherlands • ISTP
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Bio: I'm a certified marketing consultant helping inspired initiators to develop a well-stocked customer base in 16 weeks without prior marketing knowledge
Chris E. Olmos
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Bio: E-commerce Lover
Og Media
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Bio: og
Laura Pence Atencio
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Bio: Helping speakers, authors, and coaches cut through tech confusion to make marketing work for you. Running ChatGPT + Canva workshops. @SocialSavvyGeek
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David Young
I get hyper-premium prices for Entrepreneurs wanting to sell & Exit, without wrecking retirement | M&A Expert | Great 25-year track-record for sellers

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Poole, UK
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