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Courtney Enochs
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Elise Albertolle
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Bio: San Diego based nurse practitioner, mom of 2 and lover of all things nature, yoga, cooking.
Jennifer Spee
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Bio: Hi! I'm Jen. I live in Los Angeles. I'm a mother of a 4-year-old daughter. I'm looking to finally get my pre-baby body back and feel like myself again
Dixie Paddock
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Bio: Mom of 2 in North Georgia. Entrepreneur and soon to be married.
Anne Born
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Sarah Lee
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Bio: Love my husband, he was my high school sweetheart. My boys are 12 and 14 and play a ton of basketball. We live in Albuquerque, NM.
April Cox
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Bio: I live in Indiana. I'm a working my with a husband of 19 years and 4 beautiful girls.
Jessica Barons
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Bio: Wife of 17 years, mom of 2 boys (12 and 14) and business development executive
Bethany Snider
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Bio: Hello! Iā€™m Bethany. Iā€™m 35, PA, a wife, mom of 2 ages 7 and 3, 2 dogs. I live in IN. Iā€™m looking forward to this group. :)
Chiara Costanzo
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Bio: Hi my name is Chiara :)
Savannah Parker
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Bio: Wife and mom of two amazing little girls šŸ’œ
Stephanie Parks
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Bio: Stephanie mom of 2 (11 year old girl and 9 year old son, fur mom to almost a year old high energy lab), physical therapist
Marla Matlock
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Bio: My motto: Believe in yourself and you will be Unstoppable
Amy Barsich
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Bio: I am a mom of 2 from Northwest Indiana.
Jaclyn Gierman
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Bio: 43 year old mother of two boys. I am an Athletic trainer, no not a personal trainer but a medical professional who tends to the needs of athletes.
Jeanne-Marie Pavlik
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Bio: I'm a wife, hockey mom, and school administrator. Recently turned 50, my son is now in college, and need to learn to prioritize myself ā¤ļø
Ingrid Bergmann
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Bio: I'm 47, love traveling, enjoy spending time with family/friends. Looking to get back to a place where I reflect good health, peace & inner happiness.
Angela Deschesne
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Candace Dimond
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Bio: I'm a mom of 3 girls (14, 11, 9) and 1 boy (3). I am a manager at Starbucks. I love coffee, music, journaling, and being silly with my family.
Karen Ihrke
Lapeer, Michigan
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Bio: 52 years old Medical Laboratory Scientist working in the Point of Care arena, married 15 years with 3 kids, 2 boys/2 girls. From Lapeer, Michigan.
Megan Alpert
Scranton PA ā€¢ ENFP
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Bio: Iā€™m a business owner, married my best friend and mom of three busy children. Iā€™m looking forward to getting connected and getting started!
Emily Mallen
Annandale, VA
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Bio: I am a motivated workin mom of two gorgeous high-energy kids (6 and 2) and devoted wife looking to unleash my natural, but currently depleted energy.
Courtney Strouse
Northern Colorado
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Bio: Mom of 2, Program Director of a non-profit that teaches relationship building through traditional outdoor recreation and ready to start enjoying life.
Bridget Wilson
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Bio: Mom to a sweet/spicey girl (3), loving/caring boy (7) & blk lab! Married for 10 yrs & work in local gov.. Our family loves adventures & the outdoors.
Jennie Noble
Kingman Arizona
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Bio: Jennie
Janet Cohen-Miller
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Bio: Hello everyone! My name is Janet. Iā€™m a wife and a mom of 3 girls. Iā€™m very excited to be joining and becoming a Strong Mom.
Erin Dier
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Bio: Conservation biologist, wife to a great guy, and Mommy to 2 wonderful girls (7yo & 4mo). Love surfing, other watersports, and exploring šŸŒŽ
Callie Delacruz
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Bio: Vintage enthusiast. History nerd. Mama, wife, freezing Minnesotan.
Chelsea Groleau
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Sonya Griffin
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Bio: Mom of 1 smart feisty daughter, wife to my amazingly driven husband of 20 years and dog mom of 2 sweet pups! Ready to start showing up for me!
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Lauren Regula
Creator of the Strong Mom Movement šŸ’Ž From postpartum depression āž”ļø Olympic Medalist šŸ‡ØšŸ‡¦šŸ„‰ I help Moms reclaim their body, mind, & LIFE w/confidence.

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