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Bob Kundrat
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Bio: BI Engineering manager responsible for Fabric / Power BI for our community of users @ Carhartt.
Wassam Masood
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Bio: PowerBI Developer
Bryan Harris
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Bio: Lifelong learner.
Saibal Ghosh
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Bio: I’m Saibal, working as power platform architect
Paul Mottram
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Bio: IT worker looking to expand knowledge of Fabric
Richard Dewis
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Bio: Hi
Chinmay Phadke
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Bio: I am a Data Engineer.
Pitsi Ngoetjana
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Bio: PI
Gregory Montoya
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Bio: Beginner
Da'mon Coleman
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Bio: builder
Laura Seay
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Wilfred Kihara
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Bio: All about Data
Thomas Schreyen
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Ruth David
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Bio: Equipped with technical expertise and creativity, ready to embrace challenges and fooster productivity.
Will Needham
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Bio: Hi, I'm Will. I work full-time to support you in your Microsoft Fabric learning journey: through my YouTube channel and this free community on Skool.
Jorge Alvare
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Bio: Jorge Alvare
Sitoa Toe
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Bio: Young man from Burkina Faso, looking to build connections and reach financial goals. Feel free to send me a message!
Duncan D'Abreton
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Bio: Just an old dog looking to learn new tricks.
Dan Roberts
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Bio: Learning power apps - normally power BI superuser
Sidharth Panda
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Bio: power apps geek
Jason Smith
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Bio: Lifelong learner who wants to improve m organizations everyday process to make us more efficient at a lower cost than many of our outdated methods.
Linker Dey
Bio: Software Developer
Andy Lawrence
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Bio: Beginning with PowerApps and need to get up and running quickly
Keith Rockstead
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Bio: I am an advocate for process improvement in the world of change and technology. Let's do more with less has been the statement of the decade.
Trina Hough
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Bio: Jane of all trades and master of none :). Background in administration, marketing, database development, SharePoint, InfoPath and SharePoint Designer
Samat Salleh
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Hilda C Samuels
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Bio: Digital transformation expert skilled in PowerApps, SharePoint, Java, SQL. Passionate about innovation & diversity in tech. #innovation #WomenInTech
Emma Adams
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Bio: Business Analyst for Legal Services at Network Rail
Ian Grant
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Bio: Complete beginner, looking to go from zero to hero (eventually!).
Don Quartey
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Bio: I am an IT Consultant hoping to learn more about the Office 365 PowerApps ecosystem.
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Darren Neese
I teach Software Development using Microsoft Power Apps!

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