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Why Do You Want An Online Business?
Let us know in the comments. I wanted the freedom to live wherever the heck I want, to wake up and start my day on my own terms, and to work on stuff that truly lights me up.
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I want an online business to collaborate with 1,000 individuals matching my ideal client profile in the next 5 years. My objective is to teach them how to double their retirement income and, at the same time, build generational wealth like a Rockefeller. Once I attain this goal through the potential of the internet, I’ll achieve true financial freedom, giving my wife the opportunity to stay at home, fostering the chance for us to raise our family together.
Did you get day 1 done ✅?
What problem does your person solve and what is your message put that down in the comments below. Just remember this is for you. If you can’t show up for yourself, nobody else is going to. It’s by doing an acting that you get the pattern set in your brain that you’re going to make a change. Let me know your feedback on day one training. Your feedback dictates how this course gets improved. Let me know your feedback on day one. Stay inspired, Mike
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Problem I solve: I worry about the stock market wiping out my retirement savings. I worry I won’t be able to quit working and I’ll miss out on precious time with my grandchildren. My Unique Selling Proposition I help people that are 10-15 years from retirement to reduce market risk & mitigate taxes where possible by utilizing various different Secure Compound Interest Accounts so they don’t stress about market volatility & feel confident that they’ve planned for a healthy retirement.
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@Mike Gowans how about this? I specialize in assisting individuals planning for retirement in the next 10-15 years, focusing on doubling their retirement income. I achieve this while eliminating market risk, avoiding taxes, and leveraging Secure Compound Interest Accounts. By planning with purpose, my clients confidently approach retirement, free from worries about market changes or the need to work during their golden years.
🔥[SNEAK PEEK] 👀 BuildLab LIVE Call Replay
Each week we do two LIVE Zoom coaching sessions in my paid membership BuildLab. I wanted to share with you what those are like by giving you this one for free. This is a real call and these are real people. If you want to join BuildLab or you have questions just let me know down in the comments. Or you can just get started here. If you start from this post just email me after you join and I will give you 1 private 1on1 strategy clarity call free (Value $497). That way you can hit the ground running with selling your advice online to make money. But this BuildLab LIVE Call replay is packed with serious GOLD and just think you could join each week twice per week on these calls.
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Lots of gold in this one. Thanks for always being real with us Mike! The motivation is 🔥
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Darius Nabavi
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I specialize in retirement income planning, helping people double their retirement income while safeguarding against risks and reducing taxes.

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