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Marc Hughes
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Bio: Senior Prompt Engineer at Alchemy. Copywriting & Content Creation with AI Expert.
Ionut Muscalu
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Bio: happy
Tannia Padilla
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Bio: I need to learn a lot
Gavin S
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Bio: I write about psychology, branding, and self-actualization.
Nicolas Rist
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Bio: Milujem marketing, predaj a všetko okolo budovania biznisu. Aktívne športujem, veľa cestujem a nemám rád plytké debaty. Život je hra tak hraj 🎲 😉
Rolf V
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Bio: Hello
Adro Saputra
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Bio: I have a strong interest in creating GPTs and interested to see what the wider communities are building and providing feedback.
Ziyad Almuzaini
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Alex Barreto
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Bio: Im 56 yrs old; I live in Brazil ;im graduated in psicology, but i I,ve never actuated in this area.
Inka Petratschek
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Bio: Newbie
Marcos Correia
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Bio: Hi. Don't worry, I don't really look this way, it's temporary. This text is temporary as well.
Angela Ferrari
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Bio: Hey
Vesta Volontsevich
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Zsolt Takács
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Bio: Yo!
Devon Artis
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Bio: IT Expert with 20+ yrs, specializing in Cloud/AI Security, with a knack for marketing. Driven by AIOps, automation & Loves photography & Digital Art
Celilsemi Erkiner
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Bio: Just a man, not a hero.
Maxwell Silva
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Bio: Deus o plano perfeito em nossas vidas
Giang Nguyen
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Bio: I’m a newbie
Ewa Kubasik
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Chana Hines
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Bio: Doctor, Mom, Artist who enjoys learning languages.
Leslie Waltzer
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Bio: Self-proclaimed tech nerd
Daniel Estrela
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Bio: Online language teacher who is looking to find the best resources to help students achieve their goals.
Edu Edu
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Suthiwat Boss
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Bio: Suthiwat Phutthapol age 26
Gérard Fontaine
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Bio: Language learner
Haidy Elmoslemany
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Bio: Haidy
Monika M
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Swaggy Tyrion
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Bio: Let's learn English & connect to theworld.
Margaret Barrio
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Daragh Walsh
I help ChatGPT enthusiasts connect, create, and innovate.

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