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Hey guys & girls! I suck at Instagram. I'm trying to grow my account but have no idea what I'm doing. If you're awesome at Instagram and willing to teach me, I'll teach you paid ads in exchange. Or recruitment, I'm pretty good at that too. In the last 12 months for my clients I've generated over $5 million in revenue & helped hire 200+ people. So if you're keen on a skill swap (no $$$ involved), just comment below or send me a DM!



Bastien Compan
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What are the 2-3 top strategies that you guys use successfully to drive traffic and grow your community on skool for a flat beginners with no email list, no followers on social media, no youtube channel, no podcast?



Danny Westwood
Safia Matabaro
Mason McPherson
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    Paid ads, I'm getting new members for around $1.20 each atm.

I got sucked down Russell Brunsons funnel and ended up with a 30 day free trial of his software clickfunnels 2.0. It looks and sounds like a pyramid scheme but then he's got a very good reputation so I'm in all honesty just incredibly confused. If someone could explain to me what it is, if they've done it and had success, do you need your own business to use it, would it work with youtube, just any information about it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance peeps!



Adrian Petrila
John Wick
Danny Westwood
Paul Gray
Arturo Herrero
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    @Adrian Petrila Pipeline Pro is just whitelabelled Go High Level I'm pretty sure.

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    @Adrian Petrila Pipeline holds back a fair few features. If you want to check out GHL, let me know and I'll set up a sandbox account for you.

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