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Nick Kuznetsov
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Bio: .
Luke Ellis
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Bio: 2 x Agency Owner. Hmu on IG; @lukejcellis if you have any questions on scaling/starting a serviced based agency!
Leo Stagi
Austin, TX
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Bio: Founder of Reveal Community. Realtor working in the luxury rental space.
Florian Müller
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Bio: ig: theflo
Ivo Hinderink
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Bio: We help creators grow and scale e-com brands through content -->
Pedro Branco
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Bio: Creative Director. The Content Guy.
Marko Ralic
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Bio: 23
Jelle Wijers
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Bio: Growth for startups and content for personal brands.
Marco Schmitt
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Bio: test
Ymir Egilson
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Luka Petrovic
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Bio: -
Jay Williams
Newcastle, UK
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Bio: Create content, manage paid & organic social media strategies for brands in the fashion industry. Occasional gym goer and donut eater
Luis Evitt
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Bio: Always keen to help people as much as possible. 🤝 Insta: THENOTORIOUSWOLVO
Abhijeet Rattan
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Bio: Born in India, from Sweden, I've always believed in the "why" behind what we do. Background in Swedish hospitality business and branding.
Wessel Koorn
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Bio: Built tech for Snap, Disney, Cheetos and more 👨‍💻 ⠀ Revolutionizing the way you create content 🚀
Tom Scourfield
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Bio: Entrepreneur & Writer
Taylor Davidson
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Bio: Man of many interests. Co-Founder of Stoic Realty, real estate agency. Co-Founder of RDA, adventure and mastermind retreats in Southern Africa.
Illya Hainulin
Munich, Germany • INFP
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Bio: 23, form Munich, Germany. I do Social media marketing and architecture/interior design.
Emanuele Di Prima
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Bio: Cold Email. Jazz and films. Catholic. Anything Italian.
Andre Costa
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Bio: building some cool sh*t in Web3
Liam Ottley
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Bio: NZ → Dubai ・AI Consulting, Software, YouTube @LiamOttley
Albert Fuentes
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Bio: Founder of Dynasty
Sebastian Zischinsky
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Bio: The Systems & Automation Guy
Edvin Strom Karlsson
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Bio: Heyhey! Running a web agency in London, From Sweden. I enjoy nice food, cigars and conversations.
Kamran Alasgarow
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Bio: 📍Munich 💸Affiliate Marketing 💪Gym
Bautista Gallego
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Bio: Sales and Marketing
Marti Fox
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Bio: IG: @martifox.official
Adhurim Spahiu
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Bio: Founder of True Diamond Ecom. My passion is building 6-7 figure brands through social media advertising 💻💸
Janno Calitz
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Bio: Web Design / Conversion Rate Optimization. Life long learner.
Nico Ouwendijk
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Bio: I build brands on YouTube
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