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Hugo Rosier
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Bio: Hi!
Mo G
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Bio: Business, Travel, Web3
Theodore Ian Iagö
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Bio: Theodore Ian Iagö is a British designer and musician. Clients include Virgil Abloh, Pharrell Williams, The Rolling Stones, Louis Vuitton & Off-White
Alejandro Ocampo
Medellín, Colombia
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Bio: High ticket Sales Closer • Entrepreneur
Jack Monnis
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Bio: The top is where i am dreaming to be
Collin Kwok
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Bio: 21 y.o. from Indonesia based in LA!
Dion Paar
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Bio: relocating my & networks capital into saas + in love with the process
Fred Tapper
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Bio: 19 year old entrepreneur from New Zealand. Building
Berry B
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Bio: Solopreneur.
Cephas Simwanza
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Bio: I
Vaishakh K
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Bio: Tech & Business Enthusiast | CSBS Undergraduate | Freshman at Vellore Institute of Technology, AP | Fitness Aficionado
Jason Tse
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Bio: Business School Graduate looking to venture into the world of E-commerce and looking for business opportunities online
Benjamim Ferreira
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Bio: Currently a Business Grad. student, wanting to learn about online business and digital products
Matei Parvu
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Bio: Matei
Max Cardone
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Bio: hahahah
Corentin Sabassier
France • ENTP
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Bio: Hello ! I'm working on Feedback to help people make unique testimonial for company :)
James Tran
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Bio: Check my Youtube and other socials @jockytran
Bodez Propst
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Bio: Aspiring Young Entrepreneur | Age: 13-year-old Future millionaire
Yaroslav Borovyk
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Bio: Software Developer/ E-com/ Student of life/ 20y
Michia Rohrssen
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Bio: Entrepreneur turned Youtuber.
Vitalii Hromov
Athens, Greece
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Bio: Create interactive 3D design for web/iOS
Syed Khalil Al-Kudcy
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Bio: Father, husband, son. Structural Engineer, student, amateur coder, AI\ML Enthusiast & aspiring robotics expert.
Daniel Spiridonov Poch
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Bio: My name is Daniel!
Edd Joseph
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Bio: Entreprenuer | Learner
Kenzo Roethof
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Bio: Hii
Juma Athman
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Bio: I lead and empower top-performing teams. With excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
Zohaib Rana
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Bio: Digital Nomad
Rory Batchelor
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Daniel Spiridonov Poch
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Bio: Agencia de Marketing Digital
Alexander Buchelli
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Bio: finding my purpose…
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Daniel Dalen
A 16-year-old 说中文的 dropout, raised in China and Europe, founding several businesses built with scarce resources wearing multiple hats.

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Hong Kong
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