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Free CV Review/Roast from Dragos (on YouTube)
Hey folks, I will review one of your CVs for free on our YouTube Channel. Drop a comment here containing "CV" if interested. We will pick a random one, review it, and post it here as well. If you want, I will anonymize your name and contact data for privacy reasons. Cheers, Dragos
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@Dragos Nedelcu thank you so much!!!
@Dragos Nedelcu thank you so much! I really appreciate the feedback. So I shouldn’t mention my background previous to retraining as a developer? Many companies I speak to say that they find that interesting. Is there a way to incorporate it or should I just leave that entirely out and refer to LinkedIn for the entire work history?
Book club idea
After watching D and B's 5 Must-Read Books for JavaScript Developers in 2024 I have decided that I want to read some of these books (specifically "Extreme programming" and "Browser networking). Last year while between jobs I hosted a weekly book club for developers where we went over "Advanced React" and "Responsible JavaScript" and I got a lot of value out of discussing these books chapter by chapter with fellow industry professionals. I was thinking that having a book club meetup with members of Software Mastery/The Senior Dev Academy would be great since it's safe to say a lot of us are on the same page. We could read through the books one chapter per week and spend an hour discussing and clarifying the concepts. However, I am in Australia and 8 hours ahead of you in time so realistically the sessions would have to be anytime between 9am-1pm your time for me to be able to make them consistently. At this stage I am putting this here as an expression of interest, I would very much like to go through these books with some of you and I would like to be more involved in this community. Please let me know if you're interested here and in the coming weeks we can decide on a book and put together a time.
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Book club idea
Great idea! Count me in. I’m on UTC+1
@Izaak Chater done
Technical Assessment
So obviously dissapointed by the score, but great to have a roadmap on areas to improve. In a real-life scenario I think my UI enrgineering skills are higer but the theoretical knowelde is probably missing .
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Technical Assessment
@Carla Mendes I’ve recently bought an advanced JavaScript book which is a bit More theoretical. Getting started with backend will also improve my skills. I also hope to get disciplined about doing code-challenges. I know they are really good for you, but I have had a hard time motivating myself. Some areas, like software cycles and architecture is not a focus for me right now, But definitely something I want to learn more about. Also planning on getting a subscription to Smashing Magazine which included access to their excellent books. But right at this moment I am focusing on getting a new job as I was just made redundant.
@Carla Mendes thanks for sharing, that’s a very useful resource! In case you didn’t know this one, it’s also a nice resource: - the full book is free online.
NodeJS project to impress
Hi, I have started learning node to get into fullstack and widen my opportunities even further in the future. What does this fantastic community think would be a good portfolio project to do which would make employers take notice of it? A simple todo app won’t cut it. Love to hear your ideas!
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@Alejandro Eyquem nice idea, thank you!
@Carla Mendes thanks Carla!
Introduce Yourself (Start Here 🔥)
Hello! ✨🎉 Welcome to The Senior Dev Academy! 🎉✨ The goal of this group is to help you fast-track from Junior to Senior with quality learning resources, feedback, accountability, and mentorship. 🚀 Step 1: Introduce yourself here! 👇 🌟 Guidelines: 1️⃣ Your Name 2️⃣ Where You're From 🌍 3️⃣ Your Tech Stack 💻 4️⃣ Your Goal in This Community 🌱 (✄ Copy/Paste template here 👇) Title: Hey there! ✌️ 👋 Hi, my name is Dragos. I am a Front-end Developer based in Berlin Germany 🇩🇪. I work mostly with JavaScript, TypeScript, React, and Node.js. But I got my hands dirty with all kinds of stuff, from PHP to Ruby on Rails. I am here to get more technically deep as a developer and connect with other like-minded people. Hit me up if you want to chat or need anything :) 😊 Step 2: Discover how to unlock the course materials for free. Best practices in this Community: 💡 Level up by posting insights and helpful comments 👍 Help others level up by liking good posts and comments 👋 Be kind 💪 If you need help, just ask the community Have fun! To your success 🏆 Dragos
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Introduce Yourself (Start Here 🔥)
@Lindsay Morales Welcome!!!
@Jonas Makart welcome to the community!
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