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Leonard Arnold
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Bio: Mobile app developer freelancer, mobile app security enthusiast
Andrew McLelland
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Bio: β€œWas it Kierkegaard or Dick Van Patten who said, β€˜If you label me, you negate me’?”
Shradha Khapra
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Bio: fuck <h1>hello world</h1>
Muhammad Sattarov
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Bio: Ios developer
Vishal Prajapathi
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Bio: "In a world of algorithms, be a coder."
Mhmd Bazzi
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Bio: developer
Moyinoluwa Adegbolu
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Bio: Hi everyone
Nikhil Singh
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Bio: i am nikhil singh a person in need for money can do anything for it. other than that i am a software developer an ready to learn
Rafiu Morili
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Bio: Career Coach 🌟 Resume Writer 🌟 LinkedIn Optimization Specialist 🌟 HR Expert 🌟 Empowering Professionals for Success
Regan Lema
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Jov Mit
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
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Bio: I help people to become industry-ready Android app developers.
Karin Pr
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Bio: I am a self taught iOS dev from Germany
David Gheorghe
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Bio: Hello
Kelvin Tsang
New York, NY, USA
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Bio: Tech guy
Jahanzaib Muhammad
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Bio: Hello, I am Jahanzaib I am 16 Years Old I am from a poor country and i want to make good amount of money to prove people wrong and to succeed in life
Moise Nizeyimana
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Bio: My goal is to empower individuals to reach their full potential and achieve their aspirations.
Chethan V
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Bio: Learning mobile development (Kotlin)
Junior Sahil
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Bio: Tech Enthusiasts
Abdul-Aziz Mohammed
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Syed Nokhaiz Al Hassan
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Bio: Android Engineer: I learn and help people become Android programmers.
Kafiul Islam
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Bio: As an experienced Flutter Developer with live apps on Google Play Store and App Store, I seek to join a dynamic team.
Ryan Ndlovu
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Bio: hi, i am Ryan and i am workng towards building my knowledge on coding
Maxwel Okoth
Nairobi-Kenya β€’ ENFJ
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Bio: Fullstack | Cybersecurity | Digital Marketing
Abd Sm
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Bio: </ One day or Day one />
Moudi El Houli
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Bio: Ai Enthusiast
Nerdy Net
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Bio: Nerdy net
SatishKumar Gollapudi
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Bio: Passionate about technology & innovation. Android developer. Love creating amazing mobile experiences. Constantly learning and exploring new horizons.
John Kim
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Bio: Im the founder of
Rivea Gerald
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Bio: I love compose
Martin K
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Bio: Android Developer
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Dan Ilies
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