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Gauri Sim
Germany (currently) • INFJ
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Bio: Lifelong learning and coaching is a passion of mine, and facilitation seems the ideal component to help the world, one insightful workshop at a time!
Ömür Yanıkoğlu
Turkey • ENFP
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Bio: Founder of Happier Flow
Ricardo Beck Giuliani
• Active 20d ago
Bio: I co-lead customer-obsessed marketing teams. We grow brands through the design and application of customer-centric marketing & positioning strategies.
Keith Wasserman
Portsmouth NH
• Active 197d ago
Bio: Outdoor educator who - in my 20’s did facilitation work with teens. Now in my 40’s looking to bring those skills into the corporate world.
Paula White
Columbus, Ohio
• Active 3d ago
Bio: Leadership DJ, helping leaders spin a new track for success! Interested in music, travel and helping others inspire people.
Scott Fry
El Cajon, CA, United States
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Bio: (He, him, his) Southern California. 10 years of group facilitation. Sharing & Learning. Foci: Consensus, High Participation, Public Policy.
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Dan Blackman
I'm client 0 in my 1st business as life coach, merging my love for awareness&energy work with my passion for agile

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Joined Feb 15, 2023
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