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Courtney Evans
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Bio: Hi! I’m Courtney mom of 2, a 13 year old and a 9 year old. I’m excited to start with Strong Mom!
Sonya Griffin
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Bio: Mom of 1 smart feisty daughter, wife to my amazingly driven husband of 20 years and dog mom of 2 sweet pups! Ready to start showing up for me!
Emily Aanrud
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Bio: 38 y/o wife, mama of 3 (4 👧🏼, 6 👦🏻 & 8 👦🏼), Speech-language pathologist from Iowa.
Merrita Powell
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Bio: Mom of 6, wife to my best friend, Army veteran, goat mom, small farm business owner. Looking to re-find myself and create some energy 🤪💪🏻
Nicole Fisher
• Active 12h ago
Bio: Strong Mom Coach. Here to help career driven moms regain confidence, get fit and CALM THE CHAOS of life 💎 Let's grow together!
Terezeja Lemieux
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Bio: Officially in the 50 and Fabulous Club...about to be in the Empty Nester Club! Thanks to Strong Mom feel more amazing than I did at 30 and 40:)
Lauren Regula
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Bio: Creator of the Strong Mom Movement 💎 From postpartum depression ➡️ Olympic Medalist 🇨🇦🥉 I help Moms reclaim their body, mind, & LIFE w/confidence.
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Courtney Strouse
Mom of 2, Program Director of a non-profit that teaches relationship building through traditional outdoor recreation and ready to start enjoying life.

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Northern Colorado
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