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  • Daniel Gelfand
    • Active 21h ago
    Bio: Smart Contract Auditor Interested in anything crypto and blockchain security History buff
  • Andre Costa
    • Active 11h ago
    Bio: building some cool sh*t in Web3
  • Testing Sfa
    • Active 7d ago
    Bio: Testing
  • Caleb Hosmer
    Melbourne, Australia • ISFJ
    • Active 3h ago
    Bio: 💼 Founder @ Wealth Digital 📍 Melbourne
  • Tim Daines
    • Active 6h ago
    Bio: I work with scientists to help them with human-compound problems, by empowering them to innovate. Love a scuba dive, also enjoy a good bake off!
  • Courtney Peacock
    • Active 14h ago
    Bio: Support coach
  • Dr. Matt Shiver
    Austin, TX • INFJ
    • Active 3h ago
    Bio: Physical Therapist Turned Entrepreneur
  • Wyatt Thornbury
    • Active 3d ago
    Bio: Devbuddy -- Game development agency
  • Bournane Issam
    Beni mellal
    • Active 24d ago
    Bio: I will work hardly to get my first 1k per day on dropshipping and e-commerce
  • Michaela D
    • Active 2h ago
    Bio: ScaleFast.AI
  • Abdelhak Benazzouzi
    • Active 16d ago
    Bio: أتمنى التوفيق للجميع وأنا أريد أن أنجح في حياتي لأساعد مجتمعي مستقبلا
  • Abdellah Smouki
    • Active 5d ago
    Bio: be you
  • Tudor Todorescu
    Romania • ENFJ
    • Active 10m ago
    Bio: Frontend Lead Developer / Programming Mentor
  • Sebastian Zischinsky
    • Active 5h ago
    Bio: Fixing agencies operations. GCC
  • Niels Blonk
    AMS, UAE, UK
    • Active 9h ago
    Bio: At war with mediocrity.
  • Owen Thurm
    Boston, MA • INFJ
    • Active 11h ago
    Bio: Building a Smart Contract audit firm in the world of blockchain
  • Xavier Prospero
    • Active 26d ago
    Bio: 18 year old agency owner and accounting university student, aspiring to get my chartered accountant qualification to aid me in business.
  • Marek Kiczkowiak
    Costa Rica
    • Active 2h ago
    Bio: Academic Writing Coach | Book Worm | Beer Lover | Football Fan
  • Alexander Nilsson
    Sweden • ENTJ
    • Active 24d ago
    Bio: From Sweden, new to the game.
  • Anthony Turnbull
    Hartlepool • INTJ
    • Active 7h ago
    Bio: Turning likes into cash! We specialize in monetizing massive followings for content creators with 100k to 3.3M+ followers. #likesdontpaythebills
  • Edward Cornwell
    • Active 169d ago
    Bio: Sales rep for Flournoy MG. I can consider rest when I retire my parents.
  • Rick Wong
    • Active 12d ago
    Bio: Amazon PPC Agency service
  • Daniel Adebayo
    London, United Kingdom
    • Active 2h ago
    Bio: I'm a Economics Student at Royal Holloway, and I love playing football and spending time with friends and family!
  • Lamek Kifle
    • Active 46d ago
    Bio: I'm studying economics at Royal Holloway, I'm also currently writing a novel. I enjoy watching most sports but football leads the pack.
  • Steven Aranibar
    • Active 147d ago
    Bio: Go Getter.
  • Gregory Heine
    South Africa
    • Active 182d ago
    Bio: High Net Worth Wealth Manager for a top tier South African Bank. Looking for “Freedom Income” Freedom of time and place. This space is a perfect fit!
  • Nassim Bouaza
    • Active 255d ago
  • Wyatt Flournoy
    • Active 79d ago
    Bio: Currently own and operate a small pool service company, but working towards bigger and better things!
  • Aaryan Patel
    Easton, PA
    • Active 16d ago
    Bio: Helping SaaS organizations achieve profitability at scale through performance marketing @AirFried Media
  • Walker LeVan
    Lehigh Valley • ENFJ
    • Active 8d ago
    Bio: AirFried Media Co-Owner Meta & Google Direct Response Marketing Solutions
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