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All that the Holy Spirit does FOR us 💕🕊️💕
Hello mighty companions! I posted this under my forgiveness video on Day 2 of the LTC event, and I thought I'd repost here in case it is helpful! Some time ago, I was inspired to search through ACIM for all of the references to what the Holy Spirit does FOR us. I was blown away at how many references there are that point to the many things the Holy Spirit does on our behalf. I posted this list on my website both as a blog post and as a downloadable PDF. I'll provide both links below. Here's a quick snapshot of what the Holy Spirit does FOR us: - Undoes error for us - Decides for God for us - Removes hallucinations (illusions) from our mind for us - Keeps error unreal for us - Knows our value for us - Remembers God’s will for us - Interprets for us - Accomplishes for us - Awoke for us - Remembers for us - Judges for us - Sees for us - Learns for us - Unlearns for us - Makes decisions for us... and so much more! I've found that reading through this list transports me into a state of feeling completely cared for by the Holy Spirit. We're truly asked to do so little! Here is the version on my blog: Here is the downloadable PDF version of the exact same post: I hope you love this list as much as I do! 💕 The Holy Spirit ROCKS!! 💕 And big thanks to @Elizabeth Geer for reminding me of this!
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@Claire Sewell Hi Claire! We're caught up in it because we WANT it. There's part of us that WANTS to stay separate and to explore the dream of specialness. To the ego, oneness sounds bland and boring! :) But the truth is preserved on our behalf (i.e. the HS keeps error unreal for us). No matter what we do, the errors we seemingly make, truth is true and we can't change it (thank goodness!). I hope that helps!
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@Jessica Anderson I'm so glad this was helpful! Thank you for your comment and I so appreciate the work you are doing! It helps us all 💕
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@Brandi Jade Great question! I found some references to the word "expect" (but only a few are used in a way that is similar to how "expectations" might be used). Like this one: "What you want you expect." (ACIM, T-5.V.8:4) If we think about what ACIM says about the desires of the ego (which to me are similar to the idea of expectations) they're always going to get us into trouble lol!
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@Brandi Jade Hi Brandi! Thanks so much for your follow up question... I don't think ACIM is telling us not to want or expect. We can and should expect miracles! I know there are some passages in ACIM that prompt us to claim our right to guidance and to miracles because of who we are. And I like the WoM's take on it too... especially how the ego has distorted our desires (i.e. our desire for God!). With desires, I also like to think of it this way... Whatever I desire, I'm going to give it to the Holy Spirit for it to be repurposed. Desire can be used for ego purposes or for Holy Spirit's purposes... and of course the Holy Spirit's purposes will help us learn, develop trust and ultimately awaken to who we truly are. I hope that helps a bit!! xoxoxo
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