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Peter Ivan
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Gabriela Lopes
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Bio: Hi my name is Gabi, I'm 24 and live in Brazil
Oliver Decato
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Bio: Hey there! I’m Oliver. 20 year old, he/him
Jean Caisse
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Bio: Je t'aide à devenir ta meilleure version | Mon guide GRATUIT pour GLOW UP ➔
Pam Van Winden
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Bio: 22 year old from the Netherlands trying to find her way
Johnny Maroney
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Bio: Multimedia artist, filmmaker, and co-founder of Feel (
Colette Fernandez
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Bio: I'm open to conversations and activities that help me expand my potential to better myself
Leonie Diedrich
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Tiago Combadao
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Bio: Young man trying to improve himself.
Júlia Winhoffer
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Bio: .
Adam Yep
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Anuj Kataria
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Bio: Seeking Life.
Debayan Bain
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Dosu K
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Emre Boz
New York City
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Bio: 17 years old on self improvement. Current goals: 12% body fat, 225lbs on bench by the summer, 10k per month by 20, Talk to one new girl per day,
Matt Zeiner
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Bio: Matt from San Tan Valley AZ
Rafal Noj
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Brahmananda C
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Bio: I'm always looking for ways to make myself Happier
Charlie Zoeller
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Bio: 15 loves soccer and nature I need to find myself more things to keep me off electronics, I lost my curiosity
Alex Taylor
Los Angeles
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Bio: Smartech
Lucas Almeida
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Bio: 19y
William W
California, U.S
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Bio: Teaching people how to optimally learn and focus
Daniel Chen
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Bio: Daniel
Denver Brown
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Bio: Hey there! When I'm not learning something new, solving problems or improving processes, I'm curled up reading. Let's make our lives worth living!
Marko Rakic
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Bio: Learning stoicism
Ishmael Calderon
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J'sani Jack
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Bio: † '08 Calisthenics, Editor Looking for purpose, opportunity, and freedom.
Stevan Savic
Canary Islands, Spain • ENFP
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Bio: Ex Teacher Marketer Worst surfer in the Canary Islands Full time dad
Meriem Attallah
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Bio: Hi i am Meriem Attallah, i am 18 i live in algeria (north africa) i am a multi pationate person and i really like the color blue.
Jana Gray
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Bio: I'm looking for ways to improve myself in terms of physical fitness, social skills and income earning
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