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Hi All, I can see a copilot icon when I use Microsoft edge, but can not see it in the ribbon of powerpoint? Can anyone help with step by step instructions to put copilot in the powerpoint ribbon? I have looked through the add-ons, can't see it there, but did find a ChatGPT powerpoint AI, thats good for 10 slides, it's not so bad! Any direction greatly received!
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Ai that can create PowerPoint slides
Hi everyone, I’ve been using Bing and Bard to generate slide content, but would really like to know if there’s anything out there that can actually produce PowerPoint slides from text? I’m very new to fully understanding AI and what it can and can’t do, any tips greatly received!
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@Julie Helmer thanks for such a insightful list, I will go through each one, many thanks.
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@Simon Hodgkinson I am waiting for it!! I don’t mind the subscription of 365 of copilot is integrated!!
Who to believe, who to follow and how to replicate!
Hi all, I am relatively new to ai and what its potential is! I’ve seen, but not fully understood, the concepts of using ai to generate income. YouTube is awash with ai gurus as is my Twitter feed, all boasting ‘if you’re not making 7 figures’ here’s how too! They link to click and follow and produce a very generic pdf of ‘find a niche ….blah blah blah’. Is there a way of using ChatGPT to create a passive income, does anyone have a proven system of how to implement it. I know it’s a generic question and probably been asked many times before! What chapgpt are people using and paying for? Any tips, links, tutorials that are worth following to make the changes I want? I am an educator, I’ve been teaching in China for 8 years, I’ve just been made redundant! I’ve giving myself 6 months to learn something new! My passion is teaching, I’ve got 8 years worth of resources that I am transitioning into online courses, interactive pdfs, podcasts etc. how can ai help me get to where I’m going? My destination is course creation and digital assets for learning, either available on a LMS or via my own site. Any direction and suggestions greatly appreciated!
Ai Book
I'm currently in the process of writing my book, but I've encountered a problem: I haven't been able to find a bot capable of generating a sufficient amount of text for a book chapter. Is there a way for me to overcome this challenge? Are there any bots available that can produce text spanning thousands of words? Alternatively, are there any methods I can employ to work around this issue? Thanks!
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Try using the term ‘continue’ once the ai has stopped generating text, I found this prompt was useful. I used Bard for while along with chapgpt the combo worked, although you need to proof read what has been generated.
Where are You, in This World?
Hello to all! Just wondering if Chat GPT is widely used, Would love to know what part of the World you are in…I’m USA, Near Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 🙂
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I'm in Guiyang, Southwest China!
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I’m a teacher, living and working in China. Eventually we’ll be an online educator. But of an academic but don’t let that scare you!

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