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We want to get to know you, so comment below and share with the community: #1 Where you're at with your ACIM jounrey (ex. I'm new to ACIM) #2 What do you want to get out of being in the Ashram? #3 For fun, what do you like to do? #4 Take a pic of your meditation/study spot!
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@Darren Weight Hey Darren, fellow ACIM newbie here too and this is a fascinating space to sink into. Great to have you here!
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@Peggy Marchese I’m a big fan of the beach, hiking, biking and great food too. Life’s absolute pleasures!
Please watch the video where Aaron and Mark explain how to access the many free resources we have inside this amazing community! Be sure to read this post to be "in the know" and the START HERE post. Did you know? You get REWARDED for focusing in and engaging in The Ashram. How cool is that?! How does it work? ✅#1 - The Reward System Every time you post a win, a question, or a valuable knowledge piece you are learning from Aaron or Mark, you EARN POINTS when someone LIKES your post AND/OR comments. 1 Like = 1 Point A few rules you want to know about is you cannot promote your own business or products (other than Mark & Aaron’s YouTube, Instagram, or social media posts). This is a community to be focused completely around Living The Course and the teachings of A Course in Miracles. ✅#2 - Levels from your Rewards You get rewarded for being the most engaged in The Ashram with Levels! Levels are a way of us rewarding you for your amazing focus and study. For example, you start on Level 1. It takes just 5 points to get to Level 2 (5 LIKES on any posts / comments you do). In Level 2, you become a “Contributor”. Once you get to Level 3, you get the “Heal The Lie Af Lack" Workshop for FREE as your reward! There are 9 Levels total. As you uplevel, the rewards become more and more valuable. ✅#3 - Leaderboards Every Month, the TOP 5 on the Leaderboard will get a SHOUT OUT. Every month, you will want to set the intention to be the top engager. ✅#4 - Referrals Every Month, you can invite people you know, family, even your social media followers, etc. If you screenshot proof of your invites, whoever has the most invites, will also win a gift! ✅#5 - The Events We will host special events every month and those will be located in the Calendar tab. Again, a quick note is that there is no self-promotion in this group. Please no DM’ing other members promoting your own products/services. We are strict on this and will place an immediate ban on anyone we see soliciting the group.
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@Malin T Great to have you here! And what a super way to make 2024 even more meaningful (or less according to the course!) 😂
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@Peggy Marchese There’s definitely no coincidences. Everything happens in the right time and place by perfect design. Fab to have you here Sister!
Mark talks about how it is your thinking that makes it so.
Peggy Marchese
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This is such a powerful lesson. This is really it in a nutshell!
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@Peggy Marchese It’s a wonderful space. I feel so blessed to have landed here too. Everything in its right time!
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All that the Holy Spirit does FOR us 💕🕊️💕
Hello mighty companions! I posted this under my forgiveness video on Day 2 of the LTC event, and I thought I'd repost here in case it is helpful! Some time ago, I was inspired to search through ACIM for all of the references to what the Holy Spirit does FOR us. I was blown away at how many references there are that point to the many things the Holy Spirit does on our behalf. I posted this list on my website both as a blog post and as a downloadable PDF. I'll provide both links below. Here's a quick snapshot of what the Holy Spirit does FOR us: - Undoes error for us - Decides for God for us - Removes hallucinations (illusions) from our mind for us - Keeps error unreal for us - Knows our value for us - Remembers God’s will for us - Interprets for us - Accomplishes for us - Awoke for us - Remembers for us - Judges for us - Sees for us - Learns for us - Unlearns for us - Makes decisions for us... and so much more! I've found that reading through this list transports me into a state of feeling completely cared for by the Holy Spirit. We're truly asked to do so little! Here is the version on my blog: Here is the downloadable PDF version of the exact same post: I hope you love this list as much as I do! 💕 The Holy Spirit ROCKS!! 💕 And big thanks to @Elizabeth Geer for reminding me of this!
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Thanks for this list @Corinne Zupko , I’m new here. Was just wondering, if the Holy Spirit keeps error unreal for us, why are we all so caught up in it?
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@Corinne Zupko Thank you, yes, very helpful. The dream sure can be fun sometimes!
[UNLOCKED] Heal The Lie of Lack Course NOW AVAILABLE
Comment WORKBOOK below for access.
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@Carolina Marquez-sterling
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@Val Slapak
Mark talks about letting your light shine inward.
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@Noa Andermatt Oh this is so helpful. I didn’t really understand this lesson because of the word ‘conflict’ but resistance makes so much sense. Thank you!
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@Monica D”…even while they are woven out of thoughts that rest in false perceptions”. Wow, that went straight to the heart 💎
Blessings everyONE
Love is ALL there is and I AM! So is everyone here and everyONE and everything! Blessings to all 💗
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Duality and ACIM
As a teacher of God (and we're all God's teachers) how do you explain or otherwise work around observed phenomena that the course says don't exist and aren't real, without also referencing or implying a duality? For example, the ACIM concepts of real and unreal are themselves a duality applied as a teaching and communication tool. Teacher and student are also Course terms that exist as polarities. Is duality the forbidden fruit of ACIM or is it just a symbollic (conceptual) framework and useful communication tool?
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@Brandi Jade I peeked at Lesson 3 of ACIM (before the Jan 1st start…what a rebel 😂) and it’s something like I know nothing about anything I see. I can relate to that 😂😂
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@Naty Tancio That’s really helpful, thank you!
Hi everyone. I am really battling to get the balance between spirituality and Christianity. I have no doubt about God but I am very confused about the Jesus issue. Many of you talk about Christ consciousness as if Jesus was not actually the son of God but rather someone who understood what it meant to be one with God and he taught us very valuable lessons. I am trying to understand if what you are saying is that He was not actually the son of God any more than we are children/reflections of God. If that is what you believe, did He not rise again from the dead to save the world? If you do still believe in Jesus as the church teaches us to believe in Him, does this come back to the fact that only if someone accepts Jesus as their saviour can they share in spiritual awakening? I am getting the impression from this group and the teachings that spiritual awakening is for everyone no matter your religion. The law of one, in my opinion, makes this open to anyone who grasps the concept and lives according to that truth. This however leaves me very confused about the Jesus issue. Is He more symbolic, or was He real? If not actually the son of God, then the basis of Christianity falls flat on its face. What about all the proof. I am so ready for spiritual awakening as I have always known there is more, but I am finding it difficult to know how to move on from so much of the conditioning. If I can have the answers on how to deal with this, it would really help. I guess what I am finding confusing is that most of the teachings still refer to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit and scripture is so often used so clearly you are not fighting the idea of Christianity totally but what about other religions? Any help or clarity on this would be great. Thanks to All in this community.
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@Antoinette Spence Wonderful stuff! We’ve all been taught to go by the experience of others’. I realised that all that I’ve ever learned has been ‘told’ to me. So I’m spending a lot of time unlearning…and going from my own direct experience.
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@Elizabeth Stump Thank you. I’ll check that out on my walk this morning!
HYM,STW Day 1 Guided Meditation is UNLOCKED
We're kicking off Day 1 of Heal Your Mind, Save The World with a Guided Meditation "Healing Victimization - Awakening Empowerment". CLICK HERE to go to the meditation. MANTRA: for DAY 1 "I am not a victim of the world I see. I am as God created me." Also, download the attached wallpaper for your phone to have the mantra with you throughout the day to continue your practice. Coming up next... A Welcome video from Aaron and Mark! Stay tuned here for all event updates.
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@Kd Drake Here you go…
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@Joey Clark The lives are all in the programme Joey. If you click on ‘LTC Ashram’, then classrooms, then the. ‘Heal the World’ programme. It was three days, each day has a separate schedule you can click on, which included a mediation (audio) and two other lives each day.
Heal Your Mind, Save The World - AGENDA
Want to know more about this exciting 3-Day Global Event? Here is the agenda for each day (all times in EST): 7AM - Guided Meditation 10AM - Conversations with Byron Katie and Paul Selig (Wed & Thurs only) 12pm - Miracle Minutes with Alan Cohen, Corinne Zupko, and Jennifer Hadley 8PM - Go Live with Aaron Abke and Mark Anthony Lord Check out the Calendar tab for more details, and comment below to let us know how excited you are for this 3-Day Global Event!
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@Caroline Finstein Hey Caroline, have you been able to access all the vids?
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@Karen West Have you been able to access now Karen?
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@Lisa Taylor Thank you Lisa! It seems easy to decipher between the God Ego and the self ego but the self ego is VERY Minxy! 😁
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@Paola Paccagna I feel you sister. After a 40 hour fast, I did the same yesterday!
Separation - What's in it for me?
This came up today in the Year 1-3 Daily Lesson live via @Christian Steiner (this bro asks really great questions, ya'll). We recognize a somewhat advanced perspective, since the question would not occur to the one who still believes salvation is available within the dream. This question also marks a profound inflection point on the spiritual path. ACIM eventually lands us in the understanding that we are an extension of God, and our purpose is to enable God to experience Itself. We can think of separation and Oneness as two sides of the same coin or polarities similar to hot/cold, masculine/feminine or the yin/yang. We can't know hot without the experience of cold or masculine without feminine; each is only known by and from the perspective of the other, and neither has relevance without both. This is how we can think of separation and Oneness fitting together, and this idea extends into unreality vs. reality and dreaming vs. awake. We literally fall asleep into the illusion of separation to provide God the experience (many, many trillions of experiences) of awakening to the reality of Oneness. Ultimately, that "why am I here" breaks down into a divine mystery but whatever it is, it's no different from a surfer turning up the wave just to surf back down, or the skier/snowboarder carving left so they can again carve to the right. We get to do that forever in love and in service to God.💜 I'm reminded of a beautiful scene at the end of Wes Anderson's film Asteriod City where the story characters, who are all playing the role of actors in play (how fitting is that!), begin chanting "You can't wake up if you don't fall asleep." This is like a Zen riddle and when followed to where it points the divine mystery appears, symbolized by the extraterrestrial offering up the asteroid that is the centerpiece of the entire film. Blessings. 🙏 You can't wake up if you don't fall asleep. - YouTube
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I love this post. I’m starting year 1 in Jan, so the idea of two being meaningless when also referencing hot/cold is still a bit lost on me…but we gotta start somewhere 😁 I do get that we can’t know hot, if we haven’t experienced cold and I like the analogy of the surfer/skier. Super helpful, thanks!
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@Jason Deardorff That is so exciting and kinda relieving to hear Jason, thank you! 🙏🏻 See you in the zooms ☺️
If the sin has never been true,
Why there are karmik consequences?
Alena Z
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Great question! Do we also get affected by last life karma and do we have to clear that?! That would be a LOT of work…that we’re not even aware of!
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@Alena Z Agreed!
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