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Christie Grace Callister
Bowen Island, BC
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Bio: Transformational Life and Breath Coach I help sensitive creatives break free from chronic esteem struggles with resilience tools to nurture self-love.
Paulo Silva
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Bio: By training I am an architect, and currently I work as a salesman. I am interested in any subject related to self-knowledge and good humor.
Paula Stockamp
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Bio: In my search for healing, I found kundalini yoga and found that the breathwork calmed and changed my state of mind. I knew I had to be a part of that.
Kevin Smith
East Texas ☮️💓🫁
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Bio: Walking my way to health/recovery after 13 years of disability from Multiple Sclerosis. Hypnotherapist since 2016, now incorporating Breathwork ☮️💜🫁
Emile Verkerk
Bali, Indonesia
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Bio: I'm interested in me, so I can be the best version of me that I can possibly be.
Yvonne Wierenga
The Netherlands,Groningen
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Bio: My name is Yvon. I am a bodyworkcoach, NLP master, Hypnotherapist and a Personal Trainer. I love to work with people, help them and develop myself.
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Cindy Howard
Breathworker. Artist. Forest Fairie. Lover of Nature, music, books & life.

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Joined Jan 20, 2023
Tennessee, US
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