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Duvan Hoffmann
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Bio: Advocate and producer of continuing education in Auricular Neuromodulation (Auricular Medicine and other auricular methods).
Kari Slayton
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Bio: Huntsville, Alabama
Billy Mitchell
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Bio: Billy specializes in helping Empty nester experience deeper connections, greater intimacy, turning their relationships into the stuff of dreams.
Nanette Clarkson
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Bio: Stay home grandmother looking to learn healthy habits for myself & my family.
Rose Jeffries
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Bio: Wellpreneuer and Healthy Lifestyles Advocate. Certified Health and Wellness Coach. Intake Specialist, Alabama Holistic Health
Ashley Snyder
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Bio: Aloha
Natasha Hamill
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Bio: Outdoorsy, half cup full, people loving, mechanical engineer, mom of 2 beautiful children, wife, daughter, passionate about health and helping others.
Cindy Morgan
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Bio: I 💕Love My Family+Friends. I 💚 Traveling🛩️… Life is a song love is the music.
Tinet Keer
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Bio: desatascos hospitalet
Pamela Clardy
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Bio: Eclectic, wanderer, creative
Jose Trujillo
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Bio: Dealing with leaky gut, reflux, and adrenal fatigue.
Rabs Hadi
Sydney • INTJ
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Bio: Helping you monetize on skool.
Angela X
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Bio: I suffered from several ailments that Dr. Berry fixed. I am forever thankful. I believe in holistic health...
Renee Utterback
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Bio: Psalm 28:7 - "The Lord is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him."
Charles Wilkerson
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Bio: Engineer dude.
Victoria Aycock
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Alex Anton
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Kathryn Day
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Bio: Hello, My name is Kate and I am a holistic RN. I am very passionate about root cause analysis in medicine. I believe in fixing the underlying cause.
Michael Gordon
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Bio: Middle aged male that wants to become healthier.
Kathy Smith
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Bio: I am 66 years old.
Shannon Bevis
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Bio: I'm 55 years old.
Nancy Fox
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Tamara Meyer
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Bio: Hello.
Gustavo Gil
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Bio: Evolutionary coach. I help successful Woman and Men Embody Safety, Knowing ThySelf, Peace and love in their Nervous System.
Debby Forge
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Bio: Ret
Simon Hossain
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Bio: I Build Great Sales Team!
Levern Eady
North Alabama
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Bio: Seeking to improve overall health
Glenda Mace
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Bio: Self employed own and operate a lawncare business.
Billy Mitchell
Santa Maria, Ca
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Bio: Husband, Father, Grandfather Helping Empty Nesters and soon-to-be Empty Nesters, reignite intimacy & deepen connections in this new phase of life ...
Kristine Damrau
Laceys Spring, Alabama
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Bio: 57 y.o. married mom to 4 dogs. Working on repairing my gut/auto-immunity. Very interested in alternative/natural medicine, and helping others as well.
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Christie Berry
I help professional women regain their energy so they can live their best lives.

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