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Anthony Gilliland
San Diego, CA
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Bio: 33LP
Jamie Ogilvy
Las Vegas
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Bio: Dedicated Dog father, Scottish, 79 Handicap, 174th at WSOP. Love marketing and boxing.
Alvin Reck
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Andreas Elmstrøm
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Bio: Running a marketing agency. Currently located in Denmark
Juanika Freeman
Atlanta, Georgia
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Bio: OneTechGirl - I run a web design business and is new to GHL and looking for a great group to align with.
Jaclyn Bain
Malaysia • INFP
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Bio: Fitness Business Consulting Agency. Homemaker. Mama. Occasional Artist / Designer.
Craig Liddle
Sydney, Australia
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Bio: 10yrs in Digital in Sydney Aust. Focus on Therapists, Coaches, Counsellors. First success in DR in Jan '23. Former Real Estate agent in NYC
Dan Mirolli
Atlanta, GA • INTJ
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Bio: Founder KYP Media
Sandeep Pal
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Bio: CEO and Founder of Guru Marketing Agency . We Provide GHL Experts and Media buyer to Agencies.
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Chandler Roman
I'm a financial advisor. I am interested in growing my SWAS business to service business owners and help them create more value than without me.

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