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Skylar Gerrard
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Bio: Give it a try,its worth it...
Roger Auge
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Bio: Retired bank president with investments in 4 AI Startups, 2 agencies, Fractional Operations service and 70+ team members
Jamie Ogilvy
Las Vegas
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Bio: Agency Owner, Dedicated Dog father, 79 Handicap, 174th at WSOP. Scottish. Really love boxing.
Vernon Novak
North Carolina
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Bio: Jesus Follower I'm just starting my business I have 30 years of sales experience
Steve Crown
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Bio: I learn and earn in new things aimed at....
Akinsanmi David
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Bio: I'm committed to helping business owners succeed.I love working with them to identify and solve their biggest challenges
Jay O
Los Angeles • INTP
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Bio: ...
Anny Marvelous
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Bio: I'm a professional Shopify expert with years of experience.. Shopify Mentorship 💯😊 No scam ❌❌❌ kindly inbox 📥 me to get started!!!
Adrian Walker
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Bio: When I give as many people what they want, I will one day have what I want. I am here to learn from the best. Exciting possibilities for us all.
Carl Sarfi
Alberta, Canada
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Bio: Bullet Proof Marketing Systems: Performance Based Results That Grow Your Business!
Amber Jones
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Bio: Howdy I’m Amber
Richard Graf
Pittsburgh • ENFP
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Bio: Hello
Sohrab Kiani
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Bio: B2B Lead generation Expert
Shelby DuBois
Kansas City, MO
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Bio: Only here for Robb.
Eduard Fitel
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Bio: I am the CO-Founder of FPM-Media and we do Facebook Ads and now we also want to get into Database reactivation.
Craig Liddle
Sydney, Australia
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Bio: 10yrs in Digital in Sydney Aust. Focus on Therapists, Coaches, Counsellors. First success in DR in Jan '23. Former Real Estate agent in NYC
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Celia Steincamp
Hi, I am Celia.

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