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Ganesh Ariyur
Atlanta, GA, USA
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Bio: Finance technology executive with a track record of driving innovation, creating business value through business transformations.
Matteo Cervelli
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Bio: 🎯 My "Why" is to Trigger Talents to Create a Better World 📝 Writing on strategy, innovation, leadership and growth
Caleb Keller
Louisville, KY • INTJ
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Bio: Hey all I'm a Data guy, wannabe cowboy, and solopreneur. Happy to be here.
Michael Best
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Bio: Software engineer from Europe interested in biotech
Gideon Blinick
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Bio: Data Engineer
Michael Onuorah
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Bio: A data engineer who believes in using mental models to change the narrative.
Tushar Soni
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Bio: SDE at Amazon
Thejaswi Bhat
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Bio: resourceful, receptive and relentless
Jane Grismer
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Bio: Content Creator and Brand Strategist: Mastering Creativity and Productivity. Elevate Your Craft, Boost Earnings, Unlock the Path to Inspired Success.
Lan Hoang
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Bio: .
Victor Cuevas
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Bio: I founded The Knowledge Jar to connect Learners and Professionals in the AI Space!
Roy Shelef
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Bio: Hello
Giovanni Joris
Antwerp, Belgium
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Bio: Looking for learning opportunities wherever I am.
Aaron Ward
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Bio: Life is all about achieving greater heights 🎯
Kevin Wu
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Bio: Looking for different ways to grow
Harpreet Matharoo
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Bio: Seasoned data professional and machine learning engineer with 7 years of experience in developing data management solutions.
Gurdip Sira
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Bio: DevOps Lead from London, UK.
Faisel Saleem
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Bio: Amazon SDE I
Pavithran Ravichandiran
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Bio: Hello
Nicolette Higman
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Bio: CEO, Coach and Mentor in sales and affiliate marketing, FX trading, Crypto and making content with AI
Shayan A
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Bio: Software engineer
Sheila Torrico
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Bio: Technical Project Manager - Data-Driven initiatives: AI & Analytics | Data Evangelist | Customer Champion | Product & Project Delivery
Christopher Lee
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Bio: Looking to apply data to cyber
Raju Mogulapalli
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Bio: I am an Oracle Applications DBA with 17 years of experience, currently working with City of Philadelphia.
Clement Wong
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Bio: Data professional with experience working at CPGs and start-ups. Interested in the intersections of business strategy, data, and product management.
Raunak Kumar
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Bio: technical professional with 11 years experience in Software and currently working as Software Development Manager for 2 years
Steven E
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Bio: Solutions Architect
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