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Alyssa McClelland
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Bio: Business, Voice and Feminine Leadership Coach/Mentor
Christine Hall
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Bio: PT, Health Coach…love to ski!
Dawn Josephson
Portland, Oregon, USA
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Bio: Dawn Josephson, Writing Coach & Book Editor, helps coaches, consultants, & speakers transform their expertise into impactful, legacy-worthy books.
Michael Cohen
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Ange Helie
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Bio: Hi! I'm Ange Helie, founder of AfterGlow Lifestyle Coaching, on a mission to help 1 million women find body + food freedom by 2030.
Mike Kling
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Bio: My motto is 'Stay Curious'. It is my pleasure to provide empathetic and compassion counselling for all.
Peter Ristevski
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Bio: Peter Ristevski is an accountant who has been innovating & challenging the business landscape with disruptive models that help businesses minimise tax
Alice Cuninghame
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Bio: Copywriter and email strategist
Anna Darlington
United Kingdom • INFJ
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Bio: I am passionate about enabling people and creating the conditions for personal and professional growth.
Michael Cohen
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Suha Hamad
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Prakash Rao
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Bio: At Turbo Learner, we transform middle school and high school students into super learners by creating custom learning systems for each student.
Michèle Fabian
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Bio: Coach | Creator | Entrepreneur
Michael Adam Cohen
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Dimple Bindra
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Bio: Helping achievers discover their true potential | Top Voice On Mindfulness, Team Building, Employee Engagement, Personal Development & Leadership.
Damari Weller
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Bio: Aspiring Fighter & salesman
Laurie Parente
Calgary AB
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Bio: Laurie Parente is an Intuitive Guide, Medium, and Energetic Healer, helping people discover their own inner voices and teams in spirit.
Nardene Karaman
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Bio: Wellness Writer
David Trotter
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Bio: David and Mandy
Erica Skone-Rees
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Bio: Erica Skone-Rees is a mindfulness meditation teacher and Safe & Sound Protocol practitioner, blending neuroscience with holistic practices.
Tami Tami Gomez
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Bio: Professional Athlete who transitioned to Celebrity Life Coach. Creator of “Becoming Unstoppable, a globally recognized leader in personal development
Minina Johnson
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Dominique Flint
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Bio: LPC in PA Company name: Free To Be Counseling Services, LLC Niche: Black women with trauma who desire authenticity 🔗
Lauren Precht
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Bana AL Alami
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Bio: Specialising in Transformational & Mindset coaching online to guide individuals from fears & insecurities to confidence, inner peace & success
Naomi Nye
Miami, Florida
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Bio: Naomi Nye is a coach for families seeking guidance for teens grappling with life pressures, addiction, or impulsive behavior.
Tracy Schnabel
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Bio: I'm a holistic occupational therapist that focuses on finding the often-missed link between emotional release and physical health outcomes.
Laurey Sherren
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Bio: Hello I'm Laurey, a university qualified Nutritionist and holistic foodie, with a balanced, weight inclusive approach to food and nutrition.
Elsa Morgan
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Bio: Wife, Mother of 2, in a mission to serve & impact over 1,000,000 women… trying to figure it out!
L. Farrah Furtado
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